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Thinking about starting to flirt again

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BulletFox Mon 30-Oct-17 01:23:46

I seem to have several exes who want to visit (I'm stuck in a house in the middle of nowhere at the moment) but it's just not right, they'd expect more, so I rejected it.

The last time I flirted was on 8 June, election night, I was curious as the local coaching inn started doing pizza and I went to pick one up before I voted but was hopping around too much and a guy told me eventually to SIT DOWN and wait and he'd buy me a drink. We chatted about politics and architecture, he was nice, he told me he'd be there every thursday but I haven't been back since.

A neighbour who is quite attractive said to call in on him for help with moving. I'm just sizing up to this but I am utterly out of touch with being flirtatious, I'm useless at it.

I think it would be good for me to start to 'exist' again and call round on the neighbour or go to the coaching inn this thursday

SleepingStandingUp Mon 30-Oct-17 01:36:35

Coaching Inn but defiantly a date in a public place and dont tell him where you live.

Can also pop over to the neighbours for a cup of sugar or whatever but be mindful that whatever happens you live near each other so I'd be extra mindful

SleepingStandingUp Mon 30-Oct-17 01:37:37

Coaching Inn then date in public place, dont tell him where you live

Pop over to neighbours to borrow something you haunt unpacked yet but you are NEIGHBOURS so be very cautious that if it goes to hell you are NEIGHBOURS

SleepingStandingUp Mon 30-Oct-17 01:38:04

Oops sorry, thought first hadn't posted so rewrote it

BulletFox Mon 30-Oct-17 01:46:35

Coaching inn guy was quite sweet, he calmed me right down and just told me where I could find him every thursday (admittedly this is nearly half year ago grin) I can sometimes get social anxiety.

Neighbour is absolutely fine, it's a horseshoe configuration of houses, very safe and everyone knows each other. I've been stuck with selling a house and have had several offers of help with sorting it.

Annoyingly my brother refuses to come down and help so I do need assistance of some kind. I'm not trying to use the neighbour though, honest grin actually because I think he's attractive it's holding me back from accepting his offer.

I'm just not used to flirting anymore, godammit (obviously not with my brother).

This is such a small place I was mortified when my bank branch recognised me and told me I look like Jennifer Lawrence and haven't been back in since (yeah, like her grandma)

SleepingStandingUp Mon 30-Oct-17 01:53:53

Dont worry about flirting. Just be you. Or friendly you if you're not normally friendly lol.

Knock on neighbours door and ask of the offer of help is still open.

Treat yourself to pizza Thursday.

Just take it all as it comes

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