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DP grumpy, irritable and moody

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chunkiebride Mon 30-Oct-17 00:39:46

We have been together nearly 3 years and engaged for the last year.
He’s always been a bit moody but since baby came along 6 months ago this has got worse.

It’s not down to tiredness as baby sleeps through the night.

We could be having a lovely day and all of a sudden something happens that can be so trivial and itl make him snap and the rest of the day would be ruined

Today we were watching a film in the morning and having a nice time together. I’m not feeling well and have been rushed off my feet for the last 5 weeks so enjoying just some time sat down doing nothing.

After the film has finished he goes to get dressed and says his clothes smell a bit musty and insinuates that this is due to the washing not being hung out quick enough.
All of a sudden his mood has changed and it feels like it’s being taken out on me.

He goes to head out to see his parents and doesn’t say much, doesn’t offer to get me anything, knowing I’m poorly and I ask him just before he closes the door to pick me up some cold and flu and something for dinner.

This seems to make him moody too, and is cross that he has to go to the shops.

He goes to his parents and I end up getting dressed myself and walking to the shops to pick up cold and flu tablets and some dinner and lunch for myself.

He is out for 4 hours. Comes back and apologised but doesn’t seem to realise that wasn’t very nice of him, and that rather than me resting and trying to feel better, I’ve got up and gone out.

This is just one occurrence in recent weeks and it seems to happen more than once a week now and I’m just always worrying when his next bad mood will be as we could be having a lovely time and anything could set him off. It’s all so unpredictable.

Shoxfordian Mon 30-Oct-17 05:34:47

Don't start trying to appease him or get him out of his bad mood. Every time he gets sulky or moody then ask him what's wrong, be angry yourself because this is no way for an adult man to behave

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