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Planning on doing a runner

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user7680 Sun 29-Oct-17 20:53:42

Not a first time poster. The time has come my marriage has failed. We’ve got 1 DC and I have no family nearby. Rented property so I just want to get out. I am planning on renting nearby so DC doesn’t have to change schools. My question is do I move first then tell H it’s over or do I involve lawyers first about separation then move so H can get a letter through the post? And how do I arrange child custody ??for people who have separated/divorced please help. If I had no child I could have gone long time ago.

doodle01 Sun 29-Oct-17 23:58:49

No running unless you are at risk !
Can you not tell him ?

Limited info here I guess your not married but money and child custody are the issues

Re child custody If Dad has PR equal rights. You need to agree between your selves what this will be or finance family court

I’d be careful about starting 2 financial
Threads if you both have a place whose going to finance the second - you I guess but you may have an obligation to the existing property

As you have a kid your association will continue to a greater or lesser extent. You both have a financial obligation to the child

Neither of you have an obligation to support the other - just the kid

A good divorce separation is much less stressful than a bad one and you can support each other in work and play if you do it right or it just gets nasty point scoring and very long winded

Remember you’ll both be at the kids wedding in 29 years time

user7680 Mon 30-Oct-17 08:57:05

Thanks x

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