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I love my husband

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mushmallow Sun 29-Oct-17 11:38:02

Just that smile There's so many negative threads on here, let's celebrate the good eggs!

My husband is 37, we've been together six years, we've got two daughters, he loves and cares about us all so much, he's a fab dad, we have great sex, he puts up with my whinging and he's hot!

Who's next?

DoloresKeane Sun 29-Oct-17 11:47:39

Mine had an affair with our friend's daughter because I focused too much on our dc and not enough on him.

Cagliostro Sun 29-Oct-17 11:49:18

Aww lovely 😊

I have had another rush of epic love for my DH of 9 years (together 15) as we just had our third baby on Wednesday. He was beyond amazing the whole time, I had a really awful 4 day induction to get DD2 here and was an utter wreck sobbing and screaming but he was incredible, there is no way I could have done all that without him, including now postnatally when I have been struggling with what happened and having sobbing meltdowns, but he still insists he did nothing to help.

And then the moment he saw her. I love looking at our little baby of course but there is something just mind blowing seeing how he looks at her and talks to her. When they were getting me all stitched up etc after the birth I just couldn't stop staring at them.

I may have something in my eye now. Damn hormones grin

Cagliostro Sun 29-Oct-17 11:53:20

Errrm the aww lovely was to the OP needless to say. Sorry dolores that sounds utterly shit sad what a bastard

JaneEyre70 Sun 29-Oct-17 11:57:40

My DH is very marmite - I either love or hate him and never anything in between. Most of the time, due to his sleeping issues, I fantasise about ways to murder him and not get caught blush. But last week, the fucker only went and bought me a new car as a surprise. So I'm in a very strange place of feeling quite loving towards him grin. I'm not altogether sure I like it.....

soupmaker Sun 29-Oct-17 12:04:50

I love my DH. We’ve been going through a bit of a tough time. Both exhausted working full-time, kids making life tough at times due to health issues and we’ve neglected to have any time just the two of us for ages.

I get seriously annoyed as like most women I end up managing the house and kids as well as working, but he’s good with the kids and puts up with me falling asleep on the sofa most nights. He tries his best.

He had a night out on Friday with a pal and had a great night, which he just wanted to rush home and tell me all about!

When I see him cuddling and loving the DC my heart melts.

PashPash Sun 29-Oct-17 12:06:38

jayne me too!

Cricrichan Sun 29-Oct-17 13:29:52

How is he trying his best soup? If he tried his best he would pull his weight. Childcare and housework isn't rocket science.

Love hearing the good stories.

EddChinasMangina Sun 29-Oct-17 13:32:16

My husband is also awesome.

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Sun 29-Oct-17 14:00:19

My husband is awesome. Puts up with my awkward hours, my weird ways, amazing dad too our child and didn't hesitate in accepting DN into the house when her home life turned shit and she needed somewhere to go.

Be3Al2Si6O18 Sun 29-Oct-17 14:19:03

What about wives? smile

(or wife as I am not poly-whatever).

Keepithidden Sun 29-Oct-17 14:53:47

I love my wife, she's a wonderful mother to our DCs, a generous, kind hearted, compassionate and beautiful person inside and out. It's such a shame that we are incompatible but I have no doubt she'll find someone right for her when I'm gone.

user1497997754 Sun 29-Oct-17 14:58:46


Keepithidden Sun 29-Oct-17 15:00:47

Sorry, that was a bit out of the blue, I get over emotional sometimes! Wrong thread to be dragging others down.

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Sun 29-Oct-17 15:27:01

keep what do you mean when you're gone? There are charities and helplines you can ring if you need someone to talk with.

LauraAndBaby Sun 29-Oct-17 15:45:14

Keep what do you mean when your gone? what about your children. You need to talk to someone if this is how your feeling.**

Keepithidden Sun 29-Oct-17 16:10:59

Poor choice of words, don't worry everyone is safe. Apologies for that.

user21 Sun 29-Oct-17 17:41:34

Do you plan to leave your DW keep?

Can we help x

Keepithidden Sun 29-Oct-17 20:25:32

User 21 - I think so, eventually. I've had loads of help from Mumsnet over the years. I think I know what I need to do, just biding my time, getting some courage and trying to stop being in love.

user21 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:02:20

That’s sad xx

PortlyWino Sun 29-Oct-17 21:08:54

Keepithidden, so you decided to come on a happy thread started by someone else who wanted to counteract ALL THE MANY negative threads on Relationships by posting something positive. and you killed it and made it about you? Start your own thread. I wish you well.

PickAChew Sun 29-Oct-17 21:11:06

Love mine to bits but he's spark out on the sofa with his mouth open, snoring. Tempted to start throwing peanuts.

Needmorechocolate Sun 29-Oct-17 21:23:29

Love mine more than I can explain here. He is a wonderful Dad to our 4dc and he makes me feel special every day 😊. He has his faults but then so do I. I’ve had a really tough time lately and he really is my rock, I couldn’t do it all without him!

user21 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:58:26

I think Keepithidden came on the thread to express why he loves his DW.

Pollydonia Sun 29-Oct-17 22:19:33

Been with dh for 26 years, had good times and bad, but he makes me laugh, knows what I'm interested in , is a great conversationalist and truly loves me.

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