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Pathetic excuse for a woman

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Noobie123 Sun 29-Oct-17 01:00:26

Out of one vile relationship straight into another.
I grow a backbone temporarily to break up with the dickhead and 10 minutes later I want them back.
Can openly see this huge issue in myself, stemming from having a useless arsehole of a father me thinks. But cannot get round it. Am totally pathetic and a useless mum to my kids. They are growing up learning that men are total tossers and women (ie me) just put up with it.
Just wanted a rant

Cavender Sun 29-Oct-17 01:12:41

You aren’t pathetic. Don’t Talk about yourself that way.

It might be good to take some deliberate time to be single. Prove to yourself you can manage alone.

Find some good male role models for them that aren’t romantically with you, show them that there are good men out there.

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