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Leaving husband as marriage ended – need advice from other mums

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florcita Fri 27-Oct-17 13:54:30

Hello, the relationship with my husband changed dramatically since we had our first child (now she is 18 months). Things went from bard to worst when I returned to work. He is simply irritable for the minor things and constantly shout at me, sometimes she also shout at my daughter and says she is not her child just to hurt me.

He likes things doing his own way and because of this, he had many fights with my mother, family and even friends. We tried couples counselling but nothing is changing.

I feel there is no respect for me and my daughter at home. Is this enough reason to leave him? Separating will cause big financial pressure on us but I wonder if it is only me and my daughter at home will bring her a more stable (happy) environment.

I feel guilty to separate my daughter from her father. There are no other women involved. I just simply think he is not happy with us and he feels frustrated he can’t leave because of my daughter.

Apologies for the long message. If anyone had experience a similar situation, please feel free to share any advice.


Handsfull13 Fri 27-Oct-17 14:39:21

I'm really sorry you are going through this 💐
If you are both not happy it probably isn't best for you to stay together for your daughter.
If you feel up to it I would recommend having a frank chat with him about what you both want. If separating is the option you both want then you have given a chance for you to stay amicable to co parent your daughter and she will get the benefits of that.
But if you want to stay together then you need to work out what it wrong and how to make changes to improve it.
It will only get worse if you both let it build up until you can't stand each other.
I hope that helps

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