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How do I move on.....

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TapasGirl Tue 24-Oct-17 10:51:38

I was in a group of 6 close friends. Did lots together with OH's and have known each other a good few years.
Had a fall-out with one of the girls as I felt she had let me down and the others sided with her.
I have started counselling which I should have done years ago as have issues coping with rejection. I am beginning to understand why I feel as I do and am working on this with my counsellor.

I'm not sure I want to return to the group (have withdrawn myself) as things will never be the same and I am finding it hard as feel like the least liked person due to the lack of support.

I would just like to hear others stories of how you coped with friendships which have ended and how you moved on to a happier place.

I am no spring chicken and have grown up teens so I know it will be harder to meet new friends.

Would appreciate any advice - thanks

SparklingRaspberry Tue 24-Oct-17 14:06:15

I'm not that old I'm mid 20s but I fell out with my closest friend about 3 years ago.

I do still miss her but like you, things wouldn't be the same if we returned as friends.

Sadly friendships do end and people grow apart. It's a fact of life.

On one hand I miss her an awful lot at times but on the other I'm glad to be rid of what turned out to be a toxic friendship.

People always used to say "it's better to have no friends than bad friends" and at the time (I was younger) I could never grasp that - who would want to be alone?! But now I'm older and away from a toxic friendship I have realised it IS better to be alone than be around somebody like that.

Put yourself out there, join clubs that you're interested in where you can meet people. there's social media websites in which there's genuine arranged meet ups to make friends.

If I ever have a rubbish day I just remind myself me and her are two different people now.

TapasGirl Tue 24-Oct-17 16:55:22

Thank you SR for takng the time to respond. I'm sure most people go through break ups with friends at some point. I just truly believed that at late 40's I would be at an age where this kind of thing doesn't happen - not sure what my thinking was.
Good idea about the Social media meet ups I might give that a go - thanks x

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