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Holiday alone

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Starlet1 Mon 23-Oct-17 21:47:03

Oh help! I've booked a holiday on my own and I leave in a few hours! I'm terrified. Never been away on my own before. I'm scared of little silly things like finding my way round the resort, going for meals, what do I do at night. It seemed like a good idea, it IS a good idea but I am so nervous.
I am so lonely and miss my ex, well I miss the person I thought he was, I thought that a break would do me good, allow me to relax, so why do I feel so scared? Any tips please?

Insomeotheruniverse Mon 23-Oct-17 21:53:39

I did this after my split and was scared too. It was an amazing holiday though and I can't wait to do it again. Take a couple of books if it's a relaxing holiday or hire a bike and get out and about a bit if you prefer something more active. I hope you have a wonderful time. Sit back and enjoy it.

MegFlyAway Mon 23-Oct-17 21:55:10

I went to Vietnam alone after I split from DH! I've gone on a European city break on my own since too. Highly recommend it!!

userxx Mon 23-Oct-17 21:58:15

How exciting!!!!!! Have you got a kindle you can take, if not stock up on books and magazines. You are stepping out of your comfort zone which is why you are scared, I know I would be too but I would also be so proud of myself. Just wander around different restaurants and choose somewhere you feel comfortable, you will get into the swing of it after a few days. Have a fantastic time!

Starlet1 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:04:42

Thank you for your kind comments. I am slightly restricted because of my disability otherwise a bike would have have been fabulous.
Yes I have a Kindle and have packed it already.
This is probably the bravest thing I have ever done, and yes I am totally out of my comfort zone. Oh help! 😎

user1497997754 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:05:14

I have been on my holiday alone several times.....where are you going to

Starlet1 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:07:09

How did you get on? Did you meet people or were you happy with your own company? Going to Crete

user1497997754 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:09:49

That is so weird I have just come back from Crete went to a resort called Chania

Starlet1 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:10:34

What a coincidence. 😎

user1497997754 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:14:37

I have enjoyed all my holidays alone.....took good reading material....met up with lots of different people male and femail.....found a nice local taverna for drinks and food where I felt comfortable and at ease and just stayed close to where lots of people were so to stay safe

user1497997754 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:16:15

What sort off accommodation are you staying in

happypoobum Mon 23-Oct-17 22:18:47

I have holidayed alone and often travel for business alone too. I bloody love it.

Agree you need loads of books. I always find people will chat to me and I plan fun things to do as I am not really a beach/pool type person.

If you really can't face eating alone one night, just get room service, but I find waiters are really attentive to solo female diners (not in a creepy way) and you will be fine.

Have a brilliant time smile

user1497997754 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:36:56

Have a fab time give us an update when you get back take care

Want2beme Mon 23-Oct-17 23:09:31

Dont fret, just have a lovely time. I need to do this. Tell us all about it when you get back, or if you have a moment to spare in Crete.

Safe and fun journey to you flowers

dazedandconfused2016 Mon 23-Oct-17 23:24:01

I've been around the world on my own - I love it! You would be surprised how many women go on holiday alone and locals in many holiday destinations will be used to seeing a woman alone.

In fact I prefer it because then I can do what I please and I don't have to compromise on what I want to do.

I bet you will meet interesting people and have a lovely time.
All of the advice above is great. Relax and enjoy!

Blackcatonthesofa Mon 23-Oct-17 23:26:53

Ooooh fab, nice weather, nica food, relaxing, reading a good book. Honestly, single holidays are soooo nice. You can do exactly what you want. Noone else to have to compromise with. Have fun!

Dozer Mon 23-Oct-17 23:29:07

Have a lovely time!

innagazing Mon 23-Oct-17 23:37:14

I used to go on holiday on my own before I had my daughter, and always had a good time. I tended to enjoy the daytime more, and then go out to eat (with a book) and then go to bed fairly early. Although sometimes I'd meet other people and stay out late with them.

It is a brave thing to do, and it's helpful to think of it as an adventure. Well done you for doing and have a great time!

Adarajames Tue 24-Oct-17 00:09:16

Go you! Well done on being brave when having had a hard time with a break up, hope you have a totally fab time smile

Oilyoilyoilgob Tue 24-Oct-17 07:29:01

Oooh this sounds great-and well done in going! Could you maybe google solo traveller info/lonely planet guides to see if there are any great things going on? Art/museum exhibitions, painting, cooking classes etc?

Starlet1 Tue 24-Oct-17 08:08:25

Thank you my kind friends. I am on my way and excited thanks to you 😍

Want2beme Tue 24-Oct-17 10:31:01

What time's your flight? Have you checked in and are you doing some airport shopping? Get yourself a good book, a lovely cuppa, you're holiday starts here!

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