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Living with my ex

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user1483004029 Sat 21-Oct-17 11:59:35

Hello everyone

I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there who is currently living with their ex partner / anyone who has come out the other side of this situation?

I'm living with my ex and our two small children at the moment, & it is pure hell! So much so that I am now taking anti-depressants to help me cope.

I was a stay at home mum (with constant reminders of who pays for everything) but last week secured myself a part-time job working 18 hours. This is my first step at gaining independence from him, but he's very aggressive when I try & discuss any adult (!) topics with him, such as how many days my two year old will go to pre-school (because it involves him paying for now)...when we're going to get repairs to our leaky shower...ridiculous I know...

Any advice greatly appreciated as I feel as though I'm sinking!

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