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Relationships after baby

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Amber5099 Sat 21-Oct-17 01:25:39

Hi my name is amber and need some advice
Previously I was in a physically/verbally abusive relationship I met my now ex partner when I was 17 he was 25 and I have a baby with him I'm now 19 years of age
The baby was born 3 months early
No contact with father from me or child
DS is now 7 months and I feel ready for a new relationship iv met this really nice guy ( 22) and he appreciates I don't have as much time and knows iv to put DS first which I'm glad of as he isn't a parent yet but yet understands that iv to put DS first and before anyone
However my parents don't want me to date due to the past and receive dirty looks ands questions when I'm having a quick chat after DS is sleeping
My dad is manipulative and when I was younger I found it hard trusting my parents as they used stuff against me iv now got quite a secretive personality and find it hard to share with them I'm afraid if I tell them I want to date or met a nice guy they will tell me to break it off
I don't have much of a social life and find it hard to meet new people I really need some advice x

CrmbleBee Sat 21-Oct-17 09:01:25

Sounds like you've bounced from one relationship to another with not much space in-between. I would recommend figuring out who you are outside of a relationship before jumping into another. A social life is a good idea- go to baby yoga or mother and baby groups, meet other mothers there. Or join a club of hobby group. I believe there's an app similar to tindr but for making friends, can't remember the name of it, give it a Google?

Good luck x

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