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Can my inlaws take me to court ?

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Newmum2542 Fri 20-Oct-17 21:23:11

I wanted to create this thread because most of the information I’ve found on ‘grandparents rights’ is when the parents have separated. Me and my lovely partner are still together, not married but will be very soon yay ! smile
My mil has never liked me and we’ve always had a very strained relationship, my OH’s relationship with her is also very strained, she has done a lot to hurt him over the years. I’ve tried to get along with her and be civil with her but since having my LO things have got worse and I’m at my wits end. She has given me every reason not to trust her alone with my LO who is only 2 months. She behaved very strangely to me during my pregnancy I won’t go into too much detail or I’ll end up writing a book, but she basically made me feel like a human incubator for her grandchild. The usual stuff, referring to LO as her little girl, telling me what I can and can’t do, patronising me, demanding to be in the delivery (didn’t happen). She was extremely insensitive towards me about the birth (I had a c-section) basically saying that it’s not that different to natural birth and the recovery isn’t a big deal .... umm ok hmm
Her most recent hurtful actions, basically talking about me behind my back to my OH, saying horrible things that are completely untrue. OH told her to stop and that she needed to apologise to me, she didn’t and I still don’t expect her too. She’s only seen LO once since she’s been born, I refuse to take LO to them (they haven’t asked us too, probably because they know what the answer will be) as I feel she will boundary stomp if we’re in her home. I wouldn’t put it past this woman to try and take us to court to get unsupervised access to LO. Even my OH is worried she’ll try her luck because he know what she’s like. I’ve already made the decision that she can’t be truested alone with LO, if she’s gutsy enough to talk bad about me to OH who’s saying she won’t with my children, OH agrees. I haven’t stoped her from coming to see her, she’s just sulking I think because she’s not getting her own way. Can she take us to court to get access, she doesn’t have much of a relationship with LO by her own doing, I just have a feeling when she starts asking to baby sit and we say no she’ll throw a tantrum and try her luck. Has anyone gone through a grandparents rights court case? What are her rights if the parents are still together and she doesn’t have a close relationship with the child? Thanks mums! smile

Santawontbelong Fri 20-Oct-17 21:24:55

No solicitor would take her case as she has no automatic rights. Stop worrying and enjoy your baby. flowers

JungleExplorer Fri 20-Oct-17 22:33:33

Stop engaging with her. Go no contact, you don't owe her anything.

She won't be entitled to any visitation rights to your baby so don't worry.

Life it too short and you should be enjoying your baby with your OH, not giving head space to your MIL to be.

MaisyPops Fri 20-Oct-17 22:36:48

No idea but she sounds like a right one OP.

You could always have some kind of tea party at your house with othet family ahd invite her along. If she doesn't turn up theb you have texts to prove you were reasonable.

Thr good thing is your DP has a backbone which is the best part of it. He's not like those mummys boys who can't have boundaries.

MyBrilliantDisguise Fri 20-Oct-17 22:38:25

This is from a Family Law site:

We are frequently asked what are grandparents' rights when they have been denied access to their grandchildren. The sad truth is that grandparents do not have an automatic right to contact with their grandchildren. However, family courts do recognise the invaluable role that grandparents have to play in their grandchildren's lives and it is very rare that the court would refuse a grandparent access to grandchildren unless there is evidence of abuse or violence.

Can Grandparents Apply To The Courts For Access to Grandchildren?

Only people with parental responsibility, for example parents, step-parents or guardians can make an application for a Contact Order. Whilst grandparents rights are limited they can, however, apply for permission (leave) to apply for a Contact Order and the courts will consider the following:

The applicant’s connection with the child.
The nature of the application for contact.
Whether the application might be potentially harmful to the child’s well-being in any way.

If you are successful, you can apply for a Contact Order through the court to gain access to your grandchildren. If one, or both parents raise objections you are likely to have to attend a full hearing in which both parties can put forward their evidence. It is essential that you receive good legal advice at this stage because you will need to persuade the court that you have a meaningful and on-going relationship with your grandchildren, which significantly benefits their lives.

The court will always consider all the child’s circumstances and must only make an order where they consider it better for the child than making no order at all. For example, they might have to weigh up whether your continuing contact with the child might have a negative impact on the rest of the family relationships, again it is only in extreme circumstance that a court will refuse access to grandchildren.

MyBrilliantDisguise Fri 20-Oct-17 22:39:55

I think that if, say, grandparents were very involved with their grandchildren, but then their son died and their daughter in law remarried and didn't want anything to do with the in laws, the grandparents would have more chance, than in your situation where both the husband and wife have a poor relationship with the grandparents and the grandparents make little effort to see the grandchildren.

AnyFucker Fri 20-Oct-17 22:41:18

Can they bloody hell as like

If they never saw their gc ever again, that would be up to you

Be3Al2Si6O18 Fri 20-Oct-17 23:22:28

I do not understand your opening post OP

What is it exactly that is worrying you? Other than you do not like her.

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