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Online dating and I'm destined to end up with an apostle

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ApostleLover Fri 20-Oct-17 19:25:10

I'm a single mum and have taken up online dating since splitting with my hubby last year. I've had several dates now and the thing is all their names are apostle names! I'm not purposely looking for them I promise but it just keeps happening. It's become a running joke now. I often don't know their name til later in the conversation and bam another apostle!.... Anyone else around the 40 mark experiencing this phononmen? I'm up to 5 now I'll make a post on each one.... Right up your street if apostles are your thing!

Aureservoir Fri 20-Oct-17 19:27:40

I'm sorry, but I had to reply as your thread title made me laugh. Nothing useful to add, but I love it.

Frith1975 Fri 20-Oct-17 19:28:15

A relation of mine has lived with 1 apostle then married another. Her brother in law is a 3rd apostle and my dad is the 4th!

Judashascomeintosomemoney Fri 20-Oct-17 19:29:14

I hope you don’t me, I’ve never done online dating.......

Mrsjohnmurphy Fri 20-Oct-17 19:35:37

I seem to get runs of different names, had a few variations of John then a couple of Carl's 😂 (not literally) totally literally grin

ApostleLover Fri 20-Oct-17 20:04:15

Oh I'm glad it's tickled you. Let's start with apostle number 1. Mark.
My first internet date with a very good looking guy. Out of my league. The first love interest after being with my ex for over 10 years so I'm super nervous. I arrange to meet him in a quiet pub during the week. Then I start crapping myself....what do I do when he arrives? Shake his hand? Hug him? Kiss on the cheek? Just greet him? Arrghhhh. So in he arrives he's all smart looking in his work clothes and a very handsome chap indeed. I ended up giving him a little hug on seemed like the right thing to do. We chatted easily but I was so so nervous I didn't even really think about whether I fancied him or wanted to see him again. We went on to another pub and another etc. So this apostle and his apostle lover are getting pretty pissed by now. In fact I ended up getting a taxi home at 3am on a school night!

He asks if he can hold my hand and I ok that.....when he does I feel like running a mile purely because it just feels so foreign to me. After more drinks I'm looking at him now and thinking yes this is a nice guy! He asks to kiss me and I ok that too. It just felt like a relief to get that first new kiss out of the way really. He does say something I'm not keen on 'poor people shop at Aldi'......I tell my friend this and her reply is 'fools shop at Waitrose'. Just to confirm any views on this thread are not those of the Mark is lovely and I can't believe how lucky I am when he asks to take me out for dinner next week.....but wait! I now have an ethical type dilemma. The thing is the first person I had arranged to meet was actually a guy called Juan..Spanish for John. However the night I was to meet him the kids were sick and I'd messaged him earlier in the day to apologise and say I couldn't make it. Unfortunately he didn't get the message until he was at the bar waiting for me. I felt so awful about it as he'd arranged childcare too. So I rearranged meeting him. But now I don't know if this is against ettiquette as I'm arranging to see Mark again. I decide to meet Juan and then choose one or the other if I'm lucky enough for them both to see me....the date with Juan was quite the entertainer...more on that shortly!

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