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Moving on from a fling with a co worker.

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nj32 Wed 18-Oct-17 16:45:14

I had a brief fling ( a few months) with a work colleague. I didn't realise he had a partner until it started. I have never done anything like this before and am not proud of myself. It ended 6 months ago, as both felt guilty etc and knew it wasn't right. He was older and felt it was to late to change his life/ upheaval etc. Obviously we work together, have remained friends etc. I habe done a lot for him. However someone told me something recently about him which we discussed & we felt that this person had an inkling. Since then he can barely look at me/ avoid eye contact.on two occasions I have gestured come here to ask a work question & he's said I'm busy etc. A work colleague commented on how he looks sheepishly & can't look at me & felt it was guilty about some of what I have done for him. I want to remain ok for work as I need this job. It was all done so why would he avoid eye contact etc now, even in a small group situation.

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