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OohMrDarcy Wed 18-Oct-17 10:37:42

Been divorced almost 2 years (3 since we split - more than one affair on his part)... since then have had the sum total of two dates - as am spending all my energy helping the kids cope with changes whilst ExH has jumped into bed with the first woman who spoke to him after our split (literally) and has since married her.

So... I am completely over him, and want to start putting myself out there... have thought of myself as an introvert for years, and the other day realised I wasn't when we met.... it was him eroding my self esteem that made me like that!

So - I got an email from offering a month for a fiver so decided what the hell and signed up.... have set up my profile - what happens now?!

jeaux90 Wed 18-Oct-17 11:58:16

Advice to you. Don't waste a lot of time messaging people, if you are interested move to having a chat on the phone as you can tell a lot from that and qualify in or out quickly whether you actually want to meet.

Be yourself on your profile, no point in creating a false persona.

Some people would say don't do this but I always did as my safety comes before anything but Google them or look them up on linked in etc. Make sure they are who they say they are. Too many catfish out there. Google image search can help detect false profiles.

Have fun! The app on your phone is good from browsing profiles during advert breaks grin

I'm out of the OLD scene now but I enjoyed it.

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