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Relationship with DM

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TribbleWithoutACause Wed 18-Oct-17 07:46:24

So I've previously posted about my relationship with my Mother and got some real talk here (parentified child etc).

So basically, I'm low contact with my Mum. I don't speak to her unless she initiates contact, and to be honest, she hasn't so far. However, we're friends on FB and she's evidently discovered messenger. I've had a few odds and a like from her on it. Nothing too earth shattering.

However, I sort of forget she can see my Facebook and it sort of blindsides me when she suddenly pops up on my notifications. Last night, I had some funny old dreams because of the messenger thing. The last time she contacted me, I woke my husband screaming from nightmares.

You know, if I was talking this way about a bloke I'd broken up with you'd tell me to block that person and unfriend etc. Yet, as its my Mum, somehow it's different with a whole essay like appendix. 🙄

katmarie Wed 18-Oct-17 12:34:30

You don’t need to unfriend, you can just unfollow. She shouldn’t come up in your notifications then but won’t know you’ve unfollowed her.

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