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Any positive moving on stories?

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User0000 Tue 17-Oct-17 18:20:44

I suppose what i want to know from other peoples personal experience is if after divorce/separation you only got over your ex after meeting someone else who u truly love or if u can feel free of emotion by yourself?
Exh told me he didnt want to be with me anymore in feb. But hes been giving me mixed signals on and off up until now. Hes in a new relationship but every now and then gets emotional about us not being together. In my heart it feels so wrong like surely we will come back together although in our last discussion lasy week he told me that we wont be getting back together and although he misses me 'it is what it is'. Said i dont deserve to be with someone who has cheated and basically can't say atm he wouldn't do it again. very odd thing to say especially as he is in a relationship. It seems like he is using her for conveneince but who knows.
I wish so much i could stop feeling this way. I fancy him so much and i cant get him out of my head and cant imagine feeling this way for another man ever.
Ive been on dates but they r all after very casual fwb type of relationships. Or even just the benefits actually. I dont want anything serious as i do think i need to work on myself and be happy on my own but can that happen?

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