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To bin this one or not?

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ohwell02 Mon 16-Oct-17 13:30:01

6 months ago I was rather poorly and had a bad turn in a local shop.
A fellow customer carried my shopping home for me which was kind.
2 days later I received a letter -with his address on it- telling me about himself, writing about an issue we had discussed on the way home,
and trying to assure me re my health. He stated that he goes to X (public place ) regularly. (not the shop we met in more of a community hub)
I replied thanking him, giving more info about me and offering a mobile tel no. He replied he had no mobile and repeated the name of the place he goes to.
I replied re the issue we had in common but found it hard with no face to face contact. Anyway I got another letter wishing me well and sent with love!!
I replied a couple of weeks later to say my treatment had gone well and recovery on its way. I have never heard a word since.
I presume he wanted me to go to this place to meet him again but due to my health it was not possible to go to public places in case I picked up any infections

category12 Mon 16-Oct-17 13:53:56

I'd wonder maybe if he meant you might find the community hub place useful?

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