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How to move things on

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funshine17 Thu 12-Oct-17 22:57:26

Ok - for background....I’m in my early 40s...divorces/single for 6 years....two dc late primary/early secondary....dedicated my time to dc since marriage breakup.

So, met a lovely man in his late 40s through OD and have had 4 evenings meeting at local pubs during the week for a drink...both driving and work then next day. Had a great time, get on well to move things to the next level...I f el like I need to have 3 glasses of wine and just go in for a kiss but I don’t have the bottle on one glass!

I’ve instigated going to the cinema to watch the snowman next time...I’m thinking horror....clutching of arms and burying head in shoulder might help things along.

Any other suggestions? God, it was easier when I was 16....I’ve not done anything “fruity” for about a decade 😳

LuckLuckLUCK Thu 12-Oct-17 23:16:53

Are your kids with you all the time?

If not suggest he walks you home?

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