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Please help me please

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Scheherazad Tue 10-Oct-17 12:27:08

Hello everyone i'm Scheherazade and i'm 28 and desperately need your help
I'm originally iranian and i moved to turkey 3 months ago because i met a guy who was living here.
He's half filipino half turkish born and raised in uk
So i really like this guy i quit my job and i moved here (before i had no intention to move anywhere else)but i did it cuz i love him and i thought finally i've found my love before i moved here i asked him 100 times that does he really want me here and the answer was yes he even said if I don't back at him he'll come and find me in iran wherever i live!
So i came here everything was fine we were living in caravan and i thought atleast he has money to pay for his needs well he didn't he said he broke and i said don't worry we'll share everything so i give my family his credit card number (cuz my family sending me money now as i have no permission to work and I don't know any turkish yet ) so all i my money goes to his account I didn't buy anything since i came here and i tried my best to keep him happy and our relationship happy...anyway he was a bit sensitive about small things we had arguments on basic things which he's right sometimes but he's nagging about everything instead of asking them nicely so last week he had this pain because of gun disease and since then everything become hell we can't speak anymore he attacks with every simple thing i saying which is for his own good like baby i think you should floss more now cuz you have this problem and he's attacking me like i hate flossing and I don't need you to tell me what to do and so on... all my life i was avoiding arguments trying to be as reasonable as possible to understand every creature and every human being and just be nice to it's like a dead end for me I can't even talk woth this guy and i have no other place to go if i wanna go i have to pack everything and back to my home town and I don't wanna do this cuz i know i'm a strong girl and I believe instead of escaping i need to fix things and carryon i tired everything i could to attract his attention wearing nicely suprising him woth small him support him appreciate him try to show myself as a active independent women! Seems non of them works anymore and i just make every thing worst...ehat should i do I don't know i cried last night till the morning and he didn't even notice...i tried to talk and he doesn't want to talk he said goodnighy i turned back at me and then he woke up to smoke a cigarette and then backed at bed... I'll appreciate all of your help and comments

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Tue 10-Oct-17 12:34:03

You poor thing, he doesn't sound very nice.

3 months is nothing and you are only 28, you deserve better. You don't need this misery in your life moaning about his teeth and no doubt with stinky breath!!

You're obviously brave and resilient so why not get back out there and make new adventures for yourself, new friends who will value you and most of all have lots of fun.

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Tue 10-Oct-17 12:39:02

PS There is no shame in going home to re-evaluate things. That won't mean you're not independent, it will mean you are sensible.

What would be the point of staying in a foreign country where you can't work and make a life for yourself?

I truly think going home is your best option right now but whatever you decide don't waste your life and youth on this loser.

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