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Online dating weirdness

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CestLaVie1975 Sun 08-Oct-17 19:22:08

Hello all, I wanted to share my recent experience which has made me delete the dating apps I was on and I think for the time being officially give up.

I started talking to this guy on bumble, divorced, he was a PT, his profile was fantastic, his pictures, what he wrote. Anyway, we matched and started talking. We spoke on the phone that day, and he said that he had a really bad cold and chest, and he sounded like he did. He had his kids that weekend but we arranged to meet this weekend. Such a promising start and I was excited to meet him.

We spoke again on Monday another lovely conversation, and he still sounded terrible. Text him that night and he said that he had taken himself to A&E as something didn't feel right. Anyway he was diagnosed with pneumonia and that night had fallen out of his hospital bed and broke his wrist. He said they were keeping him in for two days.

I checked in with him to see how he was, he said that he felt terrible and couldn't breath and his wrist was hurting.

Anyway, he came up in my contacts list on instagram, found his page and he checked out, definitely him who I was talking to. I didn't want to come across that I was stalking him so casually asked are you on instagram hoping he would say yes and give me his profile name but he he replied I hate social media. That comment in itself was odd after what I'd seen, he posted a lot of pics and had 3,500 followers. I left it and next day was honest that I'd seen his page and was confused on his comment. He replied that it was a long story and that he was going through a shit time right now.

Next day I noticed that he updated his profile with 2 new videos one of him working out and the other with a client ... boxing.... he was perfectly well with no broken wrist.

This afternoon he text saying really need time to sort my life out, don't want to string you along, hope you understand ... fair to say I didn't respond.

I can't work out if I've been catfished because it was definitely him I've been speaking to, he'd even sent me two videos in the week, one with him in it. His mobile number is connected to his instagram page. Just seems a lot of lies to not actually meet up.

Confused, yes. Disappointed, massively. Giving up, most definitely.

crimsonlake Sun 08-Oct-17 19:27:52

It is best not to build up your expectations too soon. Put it down to experience and to the world of internet dating. Just move on and say 'next'.

WellThisIsShit Sun 08-Oct-17 19:29:16

Gosh I hate it when this kind of weird 'doesn't add up' stuff happens!

However, you have to step back and firmly write him off as not ok and not even slightly acceptable to have anywhere in your life or brain!

None of the scenarios end up with 'and he was a lovely guy' so they? So although you may never know the real answer, you know that out of the various options for what might have happened, nothing turns him into the lovely, stable and available man who could be a potential partner.

How rubbish and disappointing. Try and keep cheerful and tell yourself that you're lucky it didn't drag on, because you are worth SO much more than whatever mind-fuck weird nightmare land awaited!

stayanotherday Sun 08-Oct-17 19:34:16

Dodged a bullet there, it's vey odd.

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