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When was enough.. enough?

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SanitysSake Sat 07-Oct-17 21:58:17

Sorry if this is tedious.. but in a pickle right now and have been for some time in my relationship. Just wanted to canvass for everyone's stories and opinions. When was enough, truly enough. Would greatly appreciate some feedback.

Many thanks x

RunRabbitRunRabbit Sat 07-Oct-17 22:09:43

I broke up with a boyfriend when I realised I found him a bit creepy after another conversation where he kept doing impressions. I like to cut my losses early. Make space for a better one. It worked. I started seeing DH a few weeks after the breakup.

Madbum Sat 07-Oct-17 22:13:29

When he burped down the phone at me, again, after I’d already told him disrespectful, disgusting and rude it was.
It seems a small thing but it was the straw and camel situation, there were many many things prior to that which had built up.

Madbum Sat 07-Oct-17 22:14:29

I’d already told him disrespectful, disgusting and rude it was.

I’m channeling Yoda there for some reason?!confused

PurpleDaisies Sat 07-Oct-17 22:16:05

My ex threw his car keys at me while we were out one evening. That was it did me andcwith hindsight, it should have been over a long time prior to that.

DaisysStew Sat 07-Oct-17 22:19:48

When I asked him for some money towards new clothes for the baby as I'd had to cut the feet out of his babygrows they were so small. He said he was skint and to ask my mum. Found out a week later that the same day he's been out and spent £150.00 on a phone (an extra phone - he already had a perfectly good iPhone). When I asked him he said his money was none of my business and that it was my mums job to provide for her grandson! That was me well and truly done.

TangledSlinky Sat 07-Oct-17 22:43:47

When I very nearly absent mindedly walked in front of a car and realised in that split second that life was too short to be so utterly miserable. I was 26 and had been dealing with DH's MH issues for years. His anxiety had isolated me from friends and family over the years and I'd begun to think that hysterical panic attacks, suicide attempts and being woken at 3am begging to be admitted to hospital as he wanted to be sectioned were normal.

It was like living with a ghost, a shell of a person. And in my desperate attempt to not have anyone think bad of him I tried to cope alone. I was utterly broken by the time I walked. I'd been convinced that one day he'd get better and go back to being the guy I first met all those years ago. But in that split second I saw with clarity that the reality was that those first 6 months were just an act, his best version of himself and that in fact the person he'd been for the following 5 and a bit years were most likely the real him.

It was heartbreaking. I'd spent years trying to convince myself his happiness was enough, but ultimately I couldn't face the idea of this being my life forever.

Mrsjohnmurphy Sat 07-Oct-17 22:44:35

He chucked the computer into the garden after ranting at me at 4am, this was after taking all of his annual leave at once after I told him I wanted to split. It was an awful few weeks with him constantly there. Left the next day with a suitcase and 3 kids to travel on a national express bus to my hometown, because he refused to move out.

NK1cf53daaX127805d4fd5 Sat 07-Oct-17 22:58:07

When I randomly bumped into an ex on a night out (while I was with OH) and spent the evening laughing. I realised that life is too short to be stuck in a joyless marriage with someone who never has my back. I've not left yet, but I will

HellAintABadPlaceToBe Sun 08-Oct-17 06:18:06

When I confided in my partner of 4 years that I’d been raped 15 years earlier and hadn’t told a soul. He responded by drunkenly calling me a slag and a fucking bitch (alcoholic).

He apologised profusely the next day but it was too late. I packed and left.

DistantSun Sun 08-Oct-17 06:33:20

After working through his affair I discover a gift she gave him has been in our home all that time.

wtffgs Sun 08-Oct-17 06:48:52

Hell that's unbelievably horrible. I'm so glad you got away brew

DistantSun Sun 08-Oct-17 06:59:54


supersop60 Sun 08-Oct-17 07:14:50

Yesterday. My DS rang me to say that my DP had moaned about there being no black bin bags and why did he "have to do everything around here"
I had been to the local shop earlier and they didn't have any.

supersop60 Sun 08-Oct-17 07:15:58

hell flowers and tangled flowers
So glad you escaped.

Potofbobbles Sun 08-Oct-17 07:25:25

Tangled, can so relate to that. I was made to feel awful and made into a monster for walking despite me suffering from PTS due to constantly living on edge and walking on egg shells trying to appease a mentally ill man. Exh also smashed windows/doors/computers/dishes and would give the silent treatment for says because of things HE had done.

Potofbobbles Sun 08-Oct-17 07:26:07


Hellywelly10 Sun 08-Oct-17 07:39:06

Sensed he was uncomfortable holding my hand. Nuff said

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