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Can anyone recommend me a good divorce lawyer in London?

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imanmia88 Fri 06-Oct-17 12:50:44

Hi everyone i am new on mumsnet. I've always read articles on here but I've always been to afraid to say anything about issues i have been faced with. The latest incident in my marriage has led me to act and seek advice.
My husband has cheated on me numerous times but he always denied it saying it was all in my head. He made me out to be crazy and that i had trust issues.
Then from his latest affairs mistress started blackmailing him eventually she sent me via instagram message all details of there affair which lasted one year, pics, messages of him saying how he was planning on leaving me with nothing for her and how he will leave me to rot. it was too painful to read, a man who i thought was my soul mate for 11 years abused my trust and hated me.
i have two beautiful kids and i am a full-time home mum and i am broken inside.
i have asked him for a divorce he has still refused to give me a divorce even after i have found out everything. I do not know what to do but i know i now need to seek legal help as he won't give me my freedom and my share so i can start to rebuild my life again.
Please can someone recommend me a good divorce lawyer? or advise me i don't know what to do but i am stuck i have no money he made me be financially dependant on him saying i never need to work and has controlled me and i want to break out. I need a good lawyer who has experince with complex divorce cases.

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