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All he talks about is sex

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saggymaggyx Thu 05-Oct-17 19:20:17

We've been together a few months and I do really enjoy sex with him but do we really need to talk about it everytime we're apart.

he is constantly talking about what he wants to do to me and asks me to send him pictures. He sends me them which I obviously don't mindwink even when he's at work he's still blabbering on.

Has anyone else been with anyone like this? Is it normal?

WombOfOnesOwn Thu 05-Oct-17 19:22:32

As soon as you're not in the honeymoon period, shagging every moment you see each other, he'll turn to someone else for his "needs." That's my experience with this kind.

notgivingin789 Thu 05-Oct-17 19:25:01

Agree with what womb said.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 05-Oct-17 19:25:27

Urghhh! Couldn't be doing with that all the time.

ginandtonic324 Thu 05-Oct-17 19:30:56

Have you got children, OP? I can't imagine a man taking childcare responsibilities asking for sex all the time, unless they don't do any housework or childcare.
Maybe a guy in his twenties or early thirties with no children, no mortgage, no responsibilities.

offside Thu 05-Oct-17 19:46:55

Yep agree with womb et al. These kind of people just see you as an object to satisfy their needs. I'd run the other way if I was you.

Aquamarine1029 Thu 05-Oct-17 19:49:11

Please run for the hills. He's an immature twat. FGS, does he think you're nothing more than a blow-up doll? Gross.

AnyFucker Thu 05-Oct-17 19:49:47

You have been sending "pictures" to a guy you barely know ?

That is rather naive of you

SendintheArdwolves Thu 05-Oct-17 19:53:55

Whether it's "normal" or not isn't the issue. You don't like it so talk to him about it. He will either:

Respect your feelings and scale it back
Throw a strop, sulk, call you uptight, withdraw affection, moan that you don't fancy him anymore, ignore your request or any other dickish behaviour. At which point, you'll know he's not the guy for you and you can find someone else.

Thinkingofausername1 Thu 05-Oct-17 21:40:04

I'd be careful sending photos. In fact I'd run for the hills!

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 05-Oct-17 21:42:36

how old is he?

lollipop7 Fri 06-Oct-17 14:41:05

I too have experienced this. He mutated into an emotionally abusive wankstain who used to come up to me brandishing his erection like something out of Show & Tell when I was bathing the babies, feeding the dog, washing up.

Skin crawling stuff.

ThisIsMyOtherUsername Fri 06-Oct-17 15:21:58

The usual over-reactions above.


You don't mention that you've asked him to stop or tone it down a bit, so it's entirely possible that he thinks that you're into it as much as him, therefore is carrying on unaware that the amount he does it bothers you a bit.

Just ask him to not do it all the time, give him pointers as to when you don't mind getting messages like this and if he's attentive, hopefully you will get these less frequently.

TheNaze73 Fri 06-Oct-17 15:23:46

I don’t they are over reactions

lollipop7 Fri 06-Oct-17 15:32:12


What gives you the right to say that people are overreacting? How would you know?

For your information, myself including others on here did the very thing you suggested yet it continued.
It's not dog obedience training.

I've yet to meet a man or have a friend that was with a man that behaved this way and "toned it down" when the subject was raised.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 06-Oct-17 15:35:00

So it's the OP's responsibility to ensure he behaves like anything other than an oversexed teen? Actually that's an insult to teens as I don't know any who would behave like that.

If he were a decent bloke he'd start off gently and test the waters as to what the OP likes/ dislikes.

Babyg1995 Fri 06-Oct-17 15:54:02

Me and dp were like that the first year but I was into it just as much as him 3 years later we have a settled happy life together we still have sex and talk about sex alot .but if you and your partner have different sex drives ect it won't work well you should talk to him about it.

Fluffypinkpyjamas Fri 06-Oct-17 15:58:14

Sex pest alert! I could not and would not put up with that. Ditch!

ThisIsMyOtherUsername Fri 06-Oct-17 16:01:35


I have every's called an opinion. I felt some of the reactions were OTT. I decided to call them out and then offer a bit of insight and a potential solution to the OP's issue.


I'm not entirely certain how you've jumped from what I wrote, to inferring that I meant that it's the OP's responsibility to change his behaviour, but I'm taking the assumption one of the reasons the post was made was to try and find a solution to this small issue.

DianaT1969 Fri 06-Oct-17 16:08:12

Humour me here. But is his star sign Leo? I once knew a guy like this. Turned out his star sign was purported to be 'highly stimulated by sexual banter' smile

nNina22 Fri 06-Oct-17 16:11:24

You say he send you pictures (of his appendage?) and you don't mind? That wouldn't turn me on at all.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 06-Oct-17 16:14:12

ThisIsMyOtherUsername I don't think it's a small issue, at all.

Mooncuplanding Fri 06-Oct-17 16:15:45

Eewwww yeah been there

Wouldn't go there again. And as others have said, a high potential for an emotionally abusive wanker

You don't fancy it one night? Immediate sulk

You don't fancy it for one week? Berating of your 'frigidity' and how men neeeeeed this and it's only cos he fancies you soooooooooo much

And then it gets even worse

Step away OP

Fluffypinkpyjamas Fri 06-Oct-17 16:19:44

I love my DH and I love sex with him but the sight of his cock or any cock in a photo doesn't do it for me. Just because men love getting photos of breasts and vaginas, doesn't mean we all want to see their cocks. Amazing how much I read that they send them though grin

RidingWindhorses Fri 06-Oct-17 17:29:48

Why are you with him? Don't send him pics, you've no idea where they'll end up.

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