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Anyone believe in love at first sight?

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fairytaleoflondontown Sat 30-Sep-17 19:27:06

Hi Mumsnetters
I have name changed as I can't believe I'm writing this.
I'm in my 40s & have had some turbulent relationships.
Happily single with a DD & not wanting any man to get in the way right now...
An old work colleague from over a decade ago tracked me down on social media. I vaguely remembered him but we worked in different departments.
Got chatting. Lots of banter.
Met up last night.
Walked into the bar & I just looked at him & got this very strange feeling.
Felt so comfortable, confident & we had such a laugh.
Out til 1am, kissed a few times (he made the first move which was nice)
Can't stop thinking about him today.
That feeling I got in the bar was like nothing I've felt before.
It was a bit like ... Euphoria!
I might sound a bit bonkers.
Anyone else had similar? grin

fairytaleoflondontown Sat 30-Sep-17 19:28:20

PS perhaps 'love at first sight' is a bit strong! But the feeling was pretty damn amazing 😉

Santawontbelong Sat 30-Sep-17 19:30:05

The day after I met my now dh I knew we would always be together and the feeling was amazing!! Never had a night apart since that night - 5 years and a ds later!!
Congratulations op!! (I was 42 and he was 31!!)

GhoulsFold Sat 30-Sep-17 19:30:52

I'm not sure about love at first sight, as I'm a bit cynical like that. Personally, I think some people mistake excitement and lust for actual love. However, I knew on our first date DH would become a 'serious' relationship based on our general chemistry. And that did quickly turn to love.

category12 Sat 30-Sep-17 19:32:10

Infatuation, yes. Could go somewhere, maybe. Love, no.

NumbersLetters Sat 30-Sep-17 19:36:53

I think you can have an instant recognition of connection with people - friends and potential lovers. I've experienced it a number of times. You make eye contact and you feel a flash of certainty.

ifcatscouldtalk Sat 30-Sep-17 19:41:40

Don't believe in love at first sight. Lust maybe.
That Euphoria you mention, I have felt like that everytime I've first been in a new relationship.
I'm not as cynical as I sound!
Enjoy it, however long it lasts :-)

NotTheFordType Sat 30-Sep-17 19:51:13

No, you've just got the fanny gallops. Bang him and enjoy it but don't expect it to go anywhere.

ifcatscouldtalk Sat 30-Sep-17 20:09:55

notthefordtype ha ha. You have a way with words there. grin

brapbrap Sat 30-Sep-17 20:12:00

You're having a chemical reaction is all

fairytaleoflondontown Sat 30-Sep-17 20:13:38

Fanny gallops???!!!! Hahaaaaaa

justdontevenfuckingstart Sat 30-Sep-17 20:16:10

Well yes and no, the first time I saw oh I had that moment! Hence what happened 2 hours later. I believe I fell in love at first sight and he says he did too (even tho that is daft as how can you love someone you don't know) but ten years later we're in our house and very happy and he absolutely is the love of my life.
Still have serious fanny gallops too!

Aminuts23 Sat 30-Sep-17 20:17:41

Fanny gallops gringrin

SenoritaViva Sat 30-Sep-17 20:23:49

I knew by day 5 of knowing my DH that I would marry him. We didn't marry for a long time but have been together for 16 years but it felt right.

Trills Sat 30-Sep-17 20:25:28

Nope I think it's bollocks.

I think that believing in it can cause people to do some stupid things.

stardust18 Sat 30-Sep-17 20:31:42

Sounds wonderful,
Me and my husband have been together 16 years since we were 19, 2 children and I still can't wait to see him when he comes home from work

Sillybilly7777 Sat 30-Sep-17 21:00:46

Lust at first sight. Most definitely: love no.

ButterkistBetty Sat 30-Sep-17 21:02:21

First sight of husband it popped into my head.' Shit that's the guy I'm going to marry.' I DON'T believe in love at first sight. Felt embarrassed by my stupid thought. He went on to annoy me for a few months which made my daft thought even more stupid. He didn't think it when he saw me incidentally. Been married 17 years now and I'm still crazy about him but he also still annoys the crap out if me. Oh and I didn't bang him for a long while as I was worried i was being stupid! Still dont believe in love at first sight, but yep definate big connection AFS

fantasmasgoria1 Sat 30-Sep-17 21:11:32

Definitely! Within a week we knew we loved each other! Living together and engaged now!

backintown Sat 30-Sep-17 21:13:41

Had that with the love of my life. Absolutely believe in it. Go for it OP, good luck!

OhTheRoses Sat 30-Sep-17 21:21:34

Yes. Knew I'd marry DH as we were introduced. That was Nov 1989. First date Feb 90. (He ended it with his GF if 5 yrs before asking). Second date a week later. Never much apart after that.

Albandra Sat 30-Sep-17 21:23:33

What you have described is what I felt when I met my partner, we had been together for 10 years and we just had our second baby.

It is not lust, I just knew he was the one and I've never felt that about any other man.

Although I have felt fanny gallops about other men before him grin

fairytaleoflondontown Sat 30-Sep-17 21:26:17

It's weird. I didn't go out last night thinking anything beyond
'wouldn't mind a few beers with a funny bloke'
Before I'd finished the first beer I wanted to reach out & kiss him.
That ain't me at all confused

helhathnofury Sat 30-Sep-17 21:31:47

When introduced to my now husband I just had a weird feeling. Didn't think anything more if it, then couple months down the road started dating my friend. He always used to tease me and annoy me. After they broke up a couple of months later we kissed (mortal sin I know kissing friends ex) but we've been together 27 years now.

TheNaze73 Sat 30-Sep-17 21:39:45

I believe in lust at first sight

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