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I have no friends nearby

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SpongeCake23 Sun 10-Sep-17 21:20:19

I moved away from my family and friends around three years ago now.
Since I've moved up here, I haven't been able to make close friends like the ones I have back home.
I still talk to them regularly and they come up here when they can (I still go back to visit also).

One of my best friends from hometown is pregnant and due next month so things will be different soon - what I mean is, she won't be able to come up as often if at all. And won't be as available enough to chat regularly.

My closest friend up here is my partner.

We are TTC at the moment, on month four, but nothing yet sad I know I'll be really lonely when and if I get makes me down that nobody will be around to support me.

Lately, I go to work, come home and that's it. At the weekends, I just spend time with my partner.

Anon171175 Sun 10-Sep-17 21:31:05

I was in the same situation a few years ago. It can be very isolating and you will find that your old friends will stop visiting as often.
You have to really try to put yourself out there. I ended up making amazing friends at work but I work in a very large office so that was fairly easy (although still took a few years).
Is there anyone at work? What about wives/girlfriends of your partners friends?
Other than that, you would have to try to meet someone through a hobby or the website is supposed to be great!
When you have a baby, you can then join lots of baby groups which usually bring about good friendships.

SpongeCake23 Sun 10-Sep-17 21:43:36

@Anon171175 Thank you for your words of encouragement.
It is very isolating.
I work in a primary school, I find it hard to make 'friends' I have people I get along with there and can chat to, but there's a huge atmosphere of bitching. Also a lot are much older than I am.

I am looking into joining a choir and other hobby groups, but so far I'm struggling.

Yes, that's something I'm hoping once I have a baby. Joining baby groups would be great for my confidence and making new friends.

junebirthdaygirl Sun 10-Sep-17 22:26:45

Join a book club sports group like badminton, hill walking..anything that will get you out there meeting people. Better to do that now before a baby comes along. Ciuld you and dp join something together even so ye can meet couples. Is he local and can ye meet up with his workmates etc.

Duopuss81 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:25:11

I am in exactly the same situation, only I'm 5 years friendless now! I've tried clubs, work drinks, exercise classes, art groups etc etc but nothing seems to result in any actual friendships. I feel that I'm gradually losing touch with my old friends the longer I live away from them and it's always me now that makes the effort to get in touch and meet up. Sometimes I'm so lonely I feel like I'll explode! I have anxiety dreams about my partner leaving or dying so that I'm on my own! I think part of my TTC is actually to have a reason to make friends and have a social life if I'm honest. In my 20s I was out every night, I don't know what's happened!!????

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