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Would it be wrong to put my wedding dress in a skip?

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Rosebz Sun 20-Aug-17 11:57:45

Married 10 years. Divorced 7 years. 3 dc. He behaved dreadfully and has put me and dc through hell.
The dress is bagged and hangs on the back of my bedroom door (too big for the wardrobe). I still love it but it is in my face every day.
Will I feel guilty if I skip it?
Two of my dc are girls.
Thanks x

sparechange Sun 20-Aug-17 11:59:11

Why not generate it to a charity shop or a charity?
There is one which makes gowns for stillborn babies to be buried in which would be a more worthwhile end of the dress than landfill

accidentalgrownup Sun 20-Aug-17 11:59:45

Could you sell it? Your girls will probably want a different style anyway so I wouldn't worry about that

SnowBallsAreHere Sun 20-Aug-17 11:59:57

Why not give it to a charity shop instead of the skip.
I can't imagine your daughters would want to wear your dress, unless it was a very old family one, they will want to buy their own.

ChickenBhuna Sun 20-Aug-17 12:01:05

Do whatever makes you feel good op.

When I left my abusive ex I left the dress behind , don't give a toss what he did with it or where it ended up.

SandyY2K Sun 20-Aug-17 12:02:37

Why not sell it or donate it to charity. Seems a waste to throw away.

Joinourclub Sun 20-Aug-17 12:04:26

I can imagine wanting to wear my mother's dress if her and my father had had a long happy marriage. Otherwise, no way, no matter how lovely the dress.

Donate it.

Cut it up and make dress up clothes for the kids.

But don't bother keeping it.

PantPlot Sun 20-Aug-17 12:07:12

Why would it be wrong?

Cut it up and use it for dusters if you want, it's just cloth

Mumof41987 Sun 20-Aug-17 12:07:49

I binned mine the very next day . It was huge and we had a barn dance reception and it was absolutely filthy black . My husband put it in the skip the next morning haha 😂

FortunatelyUnfortunately Sun 20-Aug-17 12:08:23

I'd donate it to this charity:

RolfNotRudolf Sun 20-Aug-17 12:08:41

Don't skip or bin it. Don't skip anything that's re-usable, recyclable or compostable. Give it to a charity shop and give it a new lease of life.

dudsville Sun 20-Aug-17 12:08:58

I got rid of mine last year. Took it to the tip. I don't regret it.

FaithHopeCharityDesperation Sun 20-Aug-17 12:09:45

I came on to say what sparechange did - there's a charity that makes gowns for stillborn babies to be buried in, from donated wedding dresses.
I would donate it to them, or a charity shop.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Sun 20-Aug-17 12:11:25

I sent mine to, who turned it into gowns for stillborn babies, OP. How would you feel about doing that?

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Sun 20-Aug-17 12:11:51

Sorry, cross post.

dontpokethebear Sun 20-Aug-17 12:12:48

Oh two people have already mentioned heavenly gowns! I would definitely do this!

FitbitAddict Sun 20-Aug-17 12:18:21

You could also do as I did, and take your wedding and engagement rings to the nearest 'cash for gold' establishment.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sun 20-Aug-17 12:21:51

Heavenly Gowns are often over subscribed, but worth asking if they'll take it.

Alternatively, there are lots of charities who will gladly accept it to sell on. Barnardos have a wedding shop, I think Oxfam do too.

Your daughters are unlikely to want to wear yours for their own weddings. They might want to play dress up with it though!

Viviennemary Sun 20-Aug-17 12:24:22

I agree with donating it to a charity shop. Still born baby charity sounds a nice idea too.

ShottaSheriff Sun 20-Aug-17 12:24:32

Check out Gift of a Wedding. They hold weddings for terminally ill people and collect donated wedding dresses. It's a lovely charity.

princesspuds Sun 20-Aug-17 12:26:16

You could also try Gift of a wedding, these people help couples where one is terminally ill to help them have a wedding with items that have been donated to help them get married quickly

Hassled Sun 20-Aug-17 12:30:16

Don't skip it. Oxfam have a specific bridal section - they'd snap it up. And someone who can't otherwise afford a lovely dress would be very happy to buy it.

BastardGoDarkly Sun 20-Aug-17 12:33:54

No, don't waste it, donate it, but big fat YES, get it off your wardrobe door!

Putyourhandsintheair Sun 20-Aug-17 12:37:40

Do whatever makes you feel best.

BarryTheKestrel Sun 20-Aug-17 12:39:20

To me a wedding dress is too expensive to chuck in a skip if no longer wanted. Donate it to a charity. Like others have said heavenly gowns or gift of a wedding are good. In my city there is a specific wedding dress charity shop that collects all kinds of formal dresses and donates the proceeds to a different charity every year. Maybe there is something similar where you are.

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