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Does this mean DH has cheated on me??

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Trybeka Fri 18-Aug-17 01:00:11

Been with hubby for 11 years, very happy.
Background - 8 yrs ago I had abnormal smear (Cin3) had colposcopy Lletz, biopsy nothing cancerous found. Normal smears after that, and while later I had HPV test as part of yearly smear which was negative, so I was told to resume 3 yrly smears.
Anyway, I went last month for my smear. Got results which show HPV present but no abnormal cells so I have to go back in a year.

I have been 100% faithful to my husband so I'm really confused about how this HPV is present.
Anyone??? Thank you xx

Trybeka Fri 18-Aug-17 01:01:13

Sorry if this is in the wrong category xx

arousingcheer Fri 18-Aug-17 01:06:09

I would ask the doctor. I think it is possible to get a false negative result, which may be what happened earlier. It certainly isn't stand-alone evidence that your dh has been unfaithful.

Trybeka Fri 18-Aug-17 01:13:48

Thanks I will do next time I'm there. It just seems strange that I've had normal smears for years and then this comes along IYSWIM

HippyChickMama Fri 18-Aug-17 01:17:29

HPV can lie dormant for a long time and be undetectable so no, it doesn't mean your dh cheated. See here:

timeisnotaline Fri 18-Aug-17 01:17:49

It is spread by sexual contact... I'd make sure it's not a false positive and confirm transmission methods with your doctor first but I can see where you are coming from.

PaganGoddessBrigid Fri 18-Aug-17 01:19:04

No. Not necessarily. It is present in nearly every adult who's had sex from what I understood. I went through the same procedure at the beginning of the year. I'm not sure enough to say that no it doesn't mean your H cheated but I don't think it's proof he did either.

Trybeka Fri 18-Aug-17 01:22:02

Feel sick worrying about it and I'd be devastated if he'd cheated on me. Thanks for advice xx

Trybeka Fri 18-Aug-17 01:31:05

Thank you so much for the link it was so helpful and has put my mind at ease (a little) cheers xx

H0neyBadger Fri 18-Aug-17 02:12:47

HippyChickMama is right, I had a lletz for CIN 3 two days ago... The dr explained that it's possible for it to show up on smear tests in the future, especially if you're run down. Glad to hear you didn't have any abnormal cells, everything should go back to normal in a couple of months!

WinchestersInATardis Fri 18-Aug-17 07:33:49

My understanding is that the abnormal cells are almost always caused by HPV so you would have been there when you first got an abnormal result.
I believe, as others have said, that most sexually active adults have it and can be 'dormant' for years with no symptoms, and then pop up again.
If you have no other concerns about cheating, then I wouldn't consider this a red flag. smile

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