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Is it OK to do 'it' with a baby in the room?

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12yeargap Thu 29-Mar-07 00:49:48

Seriously - do/should you have sex - quietly and discreetly - with a (small, sleeping) baby in the room in a cot or moses basket? I honestly don't know if this is completely normal, or utterly-depraved-call-social-services behaviour. But it's nearly six weeks soon since baby was born, so I'd sort of like an opinion on this before the situation arises...thanks.

kiskidee Sat 31-Mar-07 15:17:10

one morning my friend's 13 yr old boy told her: you two are disgusting! i can't believe you two. etc, etc.

it only dawned on him that night that his parents still had sex.

tinkerbellhadpiles Fri 30-Mar-07 21:47:20

Madamez - PMSL at your spatula.

I remember walking in on my parents when I was five and my dad yelled at me and I was really scared, because I thought he was hurting my mum and hid in the wardrobe. They didn't find me for hours.

Got a BIG present out of it though

madamez Fri 30-Mar-07 21:30:18

PMSL at tinkerbellHP.. once had a bloke leap off me to throw something at his cats which were ranged along the end of the bed with that classic cat-disdain expression on every furry face.

But, yeh, it's ok to bonk when baby is in the same room. And, BTW, it's worth preparing for the day when a DC of 5 or more walks in on you mid coitus cos he/she had a nightmare/heard a noise. Best advice I have had on this is to tell the DC that Mummy and Daddy (or Parent and Special Friend depending on domestic circumstances) are having a special cuddle that only grownups like.

Which may be a bit difficult if one of you is dressed as a nun and the other is wielding a spatula but then... such things are sitcoms made of.

Chipstick Fri 30-Mar-07 20:41:46

Respect KarmaMother - I can't believe you have a quickie whilst the kids are in the garden!!!

Sex with a baby in the room yes no prob - but once they're mobile it only takes place in the hours of darkness at our house - kids snoring and definitely asleep.

tinkerbellhadpiles Fri 30-Mar-07 19:28:08

You mean you can *still have sex* once you have a baby. F* me, someone tell my husband!

HoppyDaddy - one of my cats is obsessed by rubber and will seek out erasers and nibble them. One day, my then-boyfriend and I were at it and as he approached me on the bed the cat lunged at his condom covered willy and had a good old fight.

I had to take boyfriend to casualty for a tetanus shot. Was the funniest thing ever. Of course boyfriend dumped me. Some men have no sense of humour .

Homebird8 Fri 30-Mar-07 17:27:50

I think the cry was "Oh God, Yes, Yes YES"

Tutter Fri 30-Mar-07 13:25:59

god, no

Homebird8 Fri 30-Mar-07 13:24:59

We conceived our second child whilst our 15 month old was snoring away in a travel cot at the foot of our bed when we were all visiting relations!

12yeargap Fri 30-Mar-07 09:21:34

OK, so sex with baby in room and also complete bestiary is fine then! glad to hear it

willywonkasEgghunt Thu 29-Mar-07 14:32:45


doggiesayswoof Thu 29-Mar-07 13:36:14

Well my post would have been relevant in tbe distant past of this thread...

sweetkitty Thu 29-Mar-07 13:35:27

Apparently I have heard that the cat smothering babies face thing is an urban legend and their has never been a case of a baby being killed by a cat suffocating it. Most cats would rather stay a mile away from a baby.

Hassled Thu 29-Mar-07 13:32:16

DS3 stayed in our room (in a bed) until he was 3 (too many children, house too small) - one night after DP and I had "finished" we realised DS3 had actually got into our bed during the course of things and was fast asleep again. The shame and guilt prompted us to finally sort out sleeping arrangements

willywonkasEgghunt Thu 29-Mar-07 13:30:33

Trust me to manage to x-post with doggiesayswoof when the thread has taken a turn like this...

willywonkasEgghunt Thu 29-Mar-07 13:28:13

I think it's assumed that dogs don't jump into cots though realise this depends on the size of it.

As for the Tonight programme, no I didn't see. We don't have a dog now anyway (She died of old age rather than from any condom related ailment btw)

doggiesayswoof Thu 29-Mar-07 13:27:19

Only read OP so hope I'm not abnormal

Yes it's fine, and also with a soundly sleeping 2 yo. Dd is 2 and still in our room.

(please god, not for much longer though...)

nailpolish Thu 29-Mar-07 13:25:33

dogs can lay on peoples faces too

dogs can rip your face off. did you see the tonight programme recently?

willywonkasEgghunt Thu 29-Mar-07 13:22:45

Only that the reason you're supposed to keep cats out of a baby's room is that they could smother the child if they lay on their face. Tasteless but was not suggesting anything lewd.

nailpolish Thu 29-Mar-07 13:20:06

willy what do you mean about the cat and the babys face?

minkybiscuit Thu 29-Mar-07 13:19:08

Being on this thread is demeaning me now!! In the words of the dragons - "I'm out!"

willywonkasEgghunt Thu 29-Mar-07 13:18:03

Well now if we're onto dogs eating condoms...when in a shared house, we could tell whose bin our dog had raided by the colour of the condoms she would pass. Two best ones though was the condom that she couldn't quite squeeze through, which I had to extract like a flat balloon from her arse (and which pinged on the way out!) and also the time she did a poo that was inside a condom!!! Perhaps I really ought to go and get my coat now...

LOL did you see the Desperate Housewives (first look) trailer for next week? Lynette was saying "Oh I'm SOOO exhausted.. all I want to do is fall into bed and sleep forever!" (re pizza parlour opening). And Tom said "But what about my sex? " and she said "Oh, you can still have some, but would you mind not waking me up while you have it...?"

willywonkasEgghunt Thu 29-Mar-07 13:15:43

Dh doesn't stop when I wake up...

JustUsTwo Thu 29-Mar-07 13:15:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doing it with a young baby asleep in the bed is not "wrong"! If the baby woke up you'd stop anyway wouldn't you!

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