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Is it OK to do 'it' with a baby in the room?

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12yeargap Thu 29-Mar-07 00:49:48

Seriously - do/should you have sex - quietly and discreetly - with a (small, sleeping) baby in the room in a cot or moses basket? I honestly don't know if this is completely normal, or utterly-depraved-call-social-services behaviour. But it's nearly six weeks soon since baby was born, so I'd sort of like an opinion on this before the situation arises...thanks.

LedodgyCheapEasterEggsAreASin Thu 29-Mar-07 00:51:27

omg if you're up to doing it with a six week old for god sake go ahead!

Chattea Thu 29-Mar-07 00:53:34

It's completely and utterly normal. Go for it!

KerryMum Thu 29-Mar-07 00:53:49

I'd say as long as the baby is asleep (and you don't wake her up) and NOT in the bed with you then it it's fine.

mickeyrouke Thu 29-Mar-07 00:55:51

yes, we did/do it but only when baby soundly asleep. Perfectly normal imo, as long as baby not awake and watching!! We usually do it in the room next door nowadays,though, far more relaxed.

I think in the past this used to be much more common, see Angela's Ashes! How else could they all sleep in the same room and yet add to their huge families?

nappyaddict Thu 29-Mar-07 02:08:59

i know someone who does it with the baby asleep in thier bed so i'd say fine go for it!

anneme Thu 29-Mar-07 02:59:45

No problem - and anyway at 6 weeks the baby is not really going to notice if you swing from the rafters (but we'll all be v impressed by your energy at this stage!). DS was in our room for 5 months and we did it with him there (not in our bed though) - although I will admit that when he was a bit older i would have been rather disconcerted to find out that he was awake.

kiskidee Thu 29-Mar-07 06:14:18

yes. and anywhere else in the house if you are too shy

FillyjonkIsMilitantAboutFruit Thu 29-Mar-07 06:46:39

personally no

i accept i am in a minority though

i don't think I could relax really

berolina Thu 29-Mar-07 07:13:03

yes, if they're reliably asleep. We have a one-bedroom flat so not sure how we would have conceived dc2 if we'd not done it with ds asleep in the room...
More to the point - 6 weeks Respect!

GibbonInARibbon Thu 29-Mar-07 07:39:11

not for me <<shudders>>

I'd rather shag on stairs, in another room or in the garden against the fence than have sex with my LO in the room but that's just me.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 29-Mar-07 08:22:36

I'm with Fillyjonk, I don't think I could relax in this situation, so wouldn't have sex. There's nothing wrong with doing it though, if you're fine with it.

monkeymonkeymoomoo Thu 29-Mar-07 08:24:05

Yes! And yes we did at 6 weeks

noddyholder Thu 29-Mar-07 08:27:45

Definitely fine otherwise you would probably never have sex!

Anniegetyourgun Thu 29-Mar-07 08:29:53

I tended to be a rather anxious parent when they were small and would rather have the baby in the room where I'd hear if it needed me. Relax? What's that?

Diplidophus Thu 29-Mar-07 08:43:21

We do (only if sleeping) but it is easier to relax and enjoy when child is not in the room.

SSShakeTheChi Thu 29-Mar-07 08:50:07

can't see anything wrong with it

Charleesunnysunsun Thu 29-Mar-07 08:53:10

We do if DS2 is asleep! Otherwise we would never do it!!!

Go for it and have fun!

mylittlestar Thu 29-Mar-07 08:58:40

Don't see anything wrong with it at all if they're asleep

Egypt Thu 29-Mar-07 09:11:29

if they're just a tiny baby then there's no problem. i agree its offputting with them in the room, and i don't much enjoy it....but when you think about it, when they're did it with them in the womb why not in the room!!! there's something to think about.....

Anna8888 Thu 29-Mar-07 09:42:06

Yes, it's fine, as long as the baby is asleep and not watching.

Parents have slept with their babies in their rooms and beds for millenia, and still do in lots of cultures. It's fine to make love with the baby in the room. Don't let any Freudian or post-Freudian convince you of the contrary.

FrannyandZooey Thu 29-Mar-07 09:44:24

It's fine, of course, enjoy

zippitippitoes Thu 29-Mar-07 09:47:45

lol at worrying about whether the baby is asleep and "not watching"

foxybrown Thu 29-Mar-07 09:50:43

yep, its fine go for it. Obviously not with one in the bed - they tend to bounce off and wake up.

Nemo2007 Thu 29-Mar-07 09:53:51

Think it is personal choice..I couldnt do it in the same room as any of the DC. We tend to put kids to bed and maybe leave baby asleep downstairs to grab a opportunity.

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