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numbandlost Wed 12-Jul-17 18:26:14

I'm really really struggling at the moment, my partner cheated I'm trying to forgive him but he isn't treating me very nicely, he has depression and his mood swings are really effecting me and I feel like he is a bit manipulative and emotionally abusive maybe.
I'm very tearful and just want to offload and speak to someone who will not judge. Is relate the way to go??

wishitwasnotso Wed 12-Jul-17 22:46:06

Doesn't have to be relate but sounds like couples counselling would be really helpful. you cant deal with his on your own and shouldn't have to. get some professional help. There are lots of really well qualified kind experts out there. Good luck x

Literallottie Thu 13-Jul-17 08:53:46

Me and my husband are going to couples counselling after his affair. I've found it very helpful, the key issue for me was that he was willing to attend counselling as it shows his commitment to the relationship. Try it if it's not for you then don't return

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