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Annoying Ex, wants to leave

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Cupcake1315 Wed 12-Jul-17 00:54:03

Found out my ex was cheating on me with a work colleague for over 2 years and ended things. Had arguments with said woman over phone and face to face. She was always trying to provoke me, he told her I had PND and all my personal secrets and she literally laid into me, I was so shocked I couldn't say anything back, things like me not coping, going to baby groups, what meds I was on, arguments I had with my mother etc If she saw me with the kids and she was with him she would come up to me smile in my face and then look me straight in the face and talk to the children. I almost lost my sanity.

So everyone told me to start dating and I thought hey why not. Went on a date with admittedly a muppet but for 2 months he was a pleasant distraction. Ex bumped into us one day in town together and almost shat himself. Probably thought I'd be crying for him forever. He made it clear he wasn't happy with my dating. Around this same time she decided she wanted to go back to where she was from originally Manchester.

So he was feeling down and would want to discuss things with me and I would stop him in his tracks with a smart remark, go call your soul mate, said you'd be together for ever, she wanted you till I found someone, just shuting him down. I didn't want to hear it. Anyways I broke up with the muppet as he wasn't really bf material. And he was happy and we were co parenting really well.

He saw my new profile on pof and now he has said he's going to move away as he can't bear the thought of me with anyone else, but doesn't want me back. So I said no you have kids with me, it's 50/50. You can't just disappear for 6 months, 1 or 2 years, I had to watch you with her, you didn't think about me once, both of you flaunting in town without any regard to me and if she hadn't gone away you'd still be doing it. You made these kids with me so you need to suck it up and be there. If I had taken the kids to somewhere else when you were with her, you would have had me in court.

Im just so angry 😡, I don't want to be on duty 100%. I had to watch him with her why he is behaving like this. They see him every weekend , he went to mediation for this and now he wants to back track. They'll be so gutted 😩.

Changedname3456 Wed 12-Jul-17 01:56:00

He's a dick and doesn't know what the alternative will be like. I do - seeing your kids eow is utterly shite.

I hope he grows up quickly and accepts that his children need him and that he has to be there for them.

Cupcake1315 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:24:33

I hope so too! Thanks changed name.

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