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USA wedding drama via tweet. ..

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lborgia Tue 11-Jul-17 07:07:24

I'm not a twitter-er, but was impressed by how fast this bride got her shit together. ..although I'm pretty sure when the adrenalin wears off she'll feel like the rest of us have in similar situations.

Excellent role model I reckon -

1 drained the shared "wedding" account
2 still had the party including paintballing
3 changed locks on house
4 gave his goods to charity ( and MIL who seems underwhelmed by her son's behaviour)

Minus marks for it behind tweeted live, but that happens within the mini planet of MN so might give them that.

Y'all going to a potluck. ..?

WinnieTheMe Tue 11-Jul-17 16:13:52

I read that. I'm not entirely sure it's real. It just feels...I don't know...too pat and empowering.

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