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Being selfish

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user1499288566 Sun 09-Jul-17 07:12:33

Does anyone else think it selfish to go spend 350 on a tattoo when you have a family to provide for

Saiman Sun 09-Jul-17 07:17:22

Depends. If the £350 leaves the family short, yes.

If its just in one chunk and kesvevthe family short.

If its been saved for here and there, then no.

Having a family doesnt mean you should never have something for yourself ever.

DontstepontheMomeRaths Sun 09-Jul-17 07:41:44

Are you both struggling financially? If yes, then he shouldn't be spending £350.

Can you spend £350 as you wish as well?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Sun 09-Jul-17 07:53:56

It's only stupid if paying for the tattoo leaves you unable to provide for the family

BitchQueen90 Sun 09-Jul-17 07:58:35

If you are struggling financially and it will leave you unable to pay bills then yes.

user1499288566 Mon 10-Jul-17 06:44:00

He works away, only see him weekends, don't do a lot with me or his child weekends as he seems to have no interest, in my opinion he finds it boring and would rather have a beer while on Xbox, we have had many probs on n off , I'm still waiting on us getting a home together as in mortgage, our daughter is 4 and at I'm renting , all on me , he puts in every weekend , he has no clue what it takes to run a home, so when he says he wants to do it right get a home etc doing that with money gets to me , it was booked for a whole sat too bearing in mind he only gets time to see us weekends, he never took us on hol , I don't get to do that No, I have treats in reason but my money is caught up in living

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