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Peed off! need a vent! Am I a emotional mess!

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Lilith81 Sat 08-Jul-17 16:39:09

Forgive this post, i just feel i need to vent a little!
I love my husband but he is an ar$e! just have to get that out there.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and loving ice at the moment as its hot and a wonderful feeling of being so cool in this hot weather and he turns to a heavily pregnant woman and says 'You know since you've been pregnant you've began to eat like a pig!'

Considering he sucks his fingers constantly I think those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. All he bloody talks about lately is his bl00dy running and exercising. He hardly talks about the baby, hes just one fecking track minded. Don't get me wrong I'm really supportive but at the moment I'm thinking that he can get in his joggers and run and continue to run until brain realises hes an rude ar$e!

Am i being a tad emotional, because at the moment ive walked out of the room and currently sitting in the bedroom thinking I should of held out for Tom Cruise!

twisterinyogapants Sat 08-Jul-17 16:45:31

He's an insensitive idiot. I'm petty I would try and get hold of dine itching powder and put it in his trainers or shorts.

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