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Partners with depression

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Chlandy Thu 06-Jul-17 14:46:20


This post is for my dad really! My dad is with a partner who suffers depression, but she sadly refuses all help and input from family, councillors etc - even her work have referred her but she refuses to attend. As a result, my dad suffers terribly and is so unhappy, he doesn't know how to help and is on the receiving end of what I would consider mental abuse (I'm not saying it's intentional, but difficult for both parties, I can only imagine). My dad has reached out and has found no support for those who have partners with depression and has therefore set up a Facebook blog but doesn't know how to spread the word. If anyone is a Facebook user in a similar situation/can relate or can offer words of advice or support, please follow him on Facebook, he can be found at @tryingtoh3lp or Partners with depression. I know he would be super grateful.

Thanks ever so much x

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