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Best mates new man

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lcl Mon 03-Jul-17 07:34:37

I posted on here when I found out my bf was having an affair and ending marriage. Now I've met the guy and I'm so disappointed for her. He's a nice guy if overly needy but I'm literally convinced he's either gay or more likely wants to be a woman. He reminds me of a pre op friend I had at uni so much. All the signs are there. She's done it again and jumped into a serious relationship with the first guy to show her affection. If we were on a night out she wouldn't have looked twice at this guy. The prob is she asks for my guidance and opinion on so much but never with men !!! I'm so disappointed for her as I think this is yet another relationship to end badly. Should I keep to myself ? I'm guessing so !! Going to be hard if she asks me what I think.

ziggy1986 Mon 03-Jul-17 08:22:56

For real? You've met him once, you know nothing about him.

cakecakecheese Mon 03-Jul-17 08:38:10

Yeah it's far too early and you're just basing it on first impressions. I get that you want to protect her but you need to let her get on with it really.

loaferloveforyou Mon 03-Jul-17 10:50:52

I haven't read your previous post, did you particularly like her husband? I'm just wondering if you are looking for things to dislike about the new guy?

My friend got with this guy who messed her around so much, I didn't meet him for a while into their relationship. But because I know how much he had messed and hurt my friend, when I did eventually meet him I was looking at things to dislike and he could have been the nicest guy in the world and I still wouldn't have liked him.

How does he remind you of your uni friend? If someone looks like someone you know it's easy to assume they are the same person inside.

More importantly, is your friend happy?

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