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Is "gosh, she's really attractive" appropriate for a 45 yo to say about a 14 yo?

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GreyHolly Sat 01-Jul-17 19:45:56

Just that please.

Moanyoldcow Sat 01-Jul-17 19:48:42


45 yr old man about a 14 year old girl passing by at the beach? Grim.

45 yr old aunt about the niece she hasn't seen in 3 years? Totally normal.

ScarlettDarling Sat 01-Jul-17 19:49:36

Yep, context needed here.

cheminotte Sat 01-Jul-17 19:50:17

45 year old new boyfriend meeting your dd? Not appropriate.

GreyHolly Sat 01-Jul-17 19:50:52

Nothing like that. We are watching the voice kids.

Zjmlove Sat 01-Jul-17 19:51:00

I'm guessing it's not going to be appropriate if you feel you need to ask here ...... you know the person .

MerryMarigold Sat 01-Jul-17 19:51:47

I think it's ok.

Zjmlove Sat 01-Jul-17 19:52:23

Did he actually realise she was 14...

JeffVadersMum Sat 01-Jul-17 19:53:32

So it's someone on TV? and you're worrying that dp(?) Said that????

Unless there is something else going on I don't see a problem

GreyHolly Sat 01-Jul-17 19:53:32

Yes - we are watching the voice kids. It starts with them introducing themselves.

Justhadmyhaircut Sat 01-Jul-17 19:55:19

Bit creepy. .

Moanyoldcow Sat 01-Jul-17 19:55:58

But like, in a matter of fact way? Just observational? If so I can't see an issue.

Attractive does not equal 'sexy' or 'I fancy her' - it's an objective statement.

flickerty Sat 01-Jul-17 19:55:59

I would say something along those lines and I'm not a pervert, honest.
But I think there's a lot that can be read in tone of voice.

Zjmlove Sat 01-Jul-17 19:56:15

I dunno. Seems a little odd especially if he was watching her say she's 14. Was there any need to say it really

fakenamefornow Sat 01-Jul-17 19:56:41

"she's really attractive"

Suggests to me a sexual attraction, and so not appropriate.

"she's really beautiful"

Suggests to me a more detached comment, and so not inappropriate.

Millybingbong Sat 01-Jul-17 19:57:42

Inappropriate to ever use the word gosh.

Moanyoldcow Sat 01-Jul-17 19:59:21

How funny fakename - I'd ascribe the exact opposite meanings.

I suppose it just shows some things just aren't obvious.

Zjmlove Sat 01-Jul-17 20:00:32

On second thoughts, my dad is 45 and he would never say this about a young woman ... not appropriate but not much you can do about it

Whathaveilost Sat 01-Jul-17 20:01:31

Inappropriate to ever use the word gosh

I'll tell that to my 18 year old son who uses that word in the time!
' oh my Gosh mother, you are such a freak' is the current insult!

loveyoutothemoon Sat 01-Jul-17 20:40:53

Inappropriate and weird.

AddictedToDrPepper Sat 01-Jul-17 20:52:40

It entirely depends on what he means by the words. I would be worried if he had said sexy more than if he said attractive.

Put it this way, if a straight female friend of yours had said that the girl was attractive, would you worry or think that it's odd? If the answer is no then I wouldn't think anything more of your DP saying it

SherlockStones Sat 01-Jul-17 20:54:53

I don't see a massive problem with it, he clearly meant she's a good looking young girl.

All this pearl clutching is laughable really.

WanderingTrolley1 Sat 01-Jul-17 20:57:23

Not appropriate, regardless of her age.

JaneJeffer Sat 01-Jul-17 23:10:31

I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Fairylea Sat 01-Jul-17 23:12:54

I think "attractive" is an odd word because we usually use that to mean someone who is attractive to us. But if you replace it with "pretty" it doesn't seem so weird does it, so maybe just a bad choice of words?

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