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Historical and current physical and emotional abuse

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HadEnoughthistime Wed 21-Jun-17 07:00:46

I'm struggling with my thoughts. I need some kind of outlet as I'm starting to wonder who am I. What am I to have deserved all this. Logically I know it's not my fault but my mind creeps to a place where it tells me it must be my fault.
From such a young age I was mostly emotionally but occasionally physically abused by my mother.
Obviously being away from there now it's different but any contact results in me upset or further damage to me. I try to limit it but sometimes it's unavoidable due to living in close proximity (not by choice I waited years for a council property)
I have therapy but I don't know if it'll ever work I feel my brain is somehow damaged as it started so young and some of it was so traumatic. I've posted before and had advice but it seems to have reached such a bad point currently
I need some help

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