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Online dating

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Newbieonlinedater Mon 19-Jun-17 14:07:26

Posted on aibu but it didn't get mang replies.

I'm thinking about trying online dating. My husband died four years ago and I have two young children. I've no idea how to write a profile, choose photos or weed out the few decent men from the ones after a one night stand.

I had a couple of bad relationships in the early days which put me off but I feel ready to try again. Do I mention my late husband /kids etc right away or later on if messaging someone? Would my ex be able to look me up on tinder if he lives a long way away?

NurseButtercup Mon 19-Jun-17 16:18:16

There's a dating thread with lot's of experienced online daters that will give loads of support here :

Good luck flowers

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