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How did you tell your children you are separating? How did they take it?

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thistoosha11pass Thu 15-Jun-17 15:58:35

XH and I separated in April, 3 children , 9,7 and 5. Things have been rubbish for ages, not loads of rows but disengagement and apathy and misery(for me at least). XH is a good enough father, but a shit husband. So, decision made, but now comes the bit I am dreading so much. Feel so guilty that their lives are going to change, initially causing a lot of upset. I am staying in the family home which will help, and XH

How do I tell them? How did you tell yours and how did they cope? At the moment I'm imagining tears and lots of blame and why's.

thistoosha11pass Thu 15-Jun-17 15:59:31

Oops XH will rent locally to begin with

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