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Advice please

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naymechaynger Fri 09-Jun-17 22:49:44

Sitting here in tears, could do with another perspective.

Have been with DP 20 odd years, 2 kids 8 and 11. Not married. Joint mortgage.

Had a row tonight, he had gone out to buy some presents for DC's birthday. Came home, showed me the presents. One wasn't really suitable, which I told him. He didn't agree. He then pulled out of the bag two items he had bought for me. I admit I turned up my nose........ I knew they wouldn't fit me. But I'm not a rude ungrateful bitch and I would have pulled myself together and said my thank yous etc - had he not flown off the handle and stormed off, shouting and slamming and doors. I tried to talk to him, but he wasn't having it and eventually stormed out the house.

DC had witnessed all of this, started crying and said it was his fault as he had upset Daddy and Daddy had taken it out on me. (DP was annoyed at DC, they had had words whilst out together) Of course I told him he must never think like that, and it wasn't his fault. We sat stunned for some time.

About 2 hours later DP returned. I was expecting an apology. Ha ha, according g to him I should be apologising to him. I did actually apologise for being ungrateful and still I got no apology in return.

It seems it was all my fault. He does have a temper occasionally and it's never his fault. I get I was a bit ungrateful, but bit of backstory here is I feel he buys me things to be controlling. And usually it's because he hates something I wear and wants to get rid of it.

Am I in the wrong here? Or is he?

Getoutofthatgarden Fri 09-Jun-17 23:27:46

Yes I think he owes you and DC an apology. Be honest with him and tell him how you feel about him buying you clothes, he can't change it if he doesn't know it upsets you.

banannabreadforme Fri 09-Jun-17 23:42:28

Sorry that your husbands behaved like this. That must be horrible. Hopefully when he's calmed down properly you can have a chat and discuss his behavior.
Also he shouldn't be throwing a wobbler over what you wear. Your an adult! You wear what you like

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