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lack of sex lost libido

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Char22thom Sat 03-Jun-17 12:09:42

Wasn't sure where to post tbh. Been married to dh for 4yrs, together for 5. The last 2yrs have been virtually sexless, and thats down to me. We have sex once a month at most, usually 5-6wks. I enjoy it and we connect well emotionally, but I rarely feel like I want to have sex. Dh would like more sex (as would I tbh) but fortunately its not a major issue for us, although sometimes it makes him unhappy and he feels rejected. I'm wondering what I can do to try and get back on track, would visiting the Drs help? What can they do anyway? Really want to find a way to resolve this as feel like it could cause a wedge between us at some point and feel insecure that dh might get fed up one day and walk away. Can anyone offer advice please? X

Itsoverpeople Sat 03-Jun-17 12:13:18

Has anything happened during the last two years that might be a cause? As this is a patenting website I'm assuming you have had a child?

Cornwallcornwall Sat 03-Jun-17 12:37:32

Well i am no way qualified to answer but as a husband. I think after few years of marriage sex helps the bonding of couple, motive is not fun etc but a loving feeling tgat only you two could share, an exclusivety. I dont think you need doctor at all but think its something you do together once a week or so, its not a big thing, tgat is a chore (maybe easier for me to say) but i think he needs some assurance in relationahip, its not just excitement etc eyc but just a bonding thing. Maybe forfet everything, tryinf afresh? Roleplays? Datenites once a week or two weeks? Etc

TheNaze73 Sat 03-Jun-17 12:53:51

Talk to him about it. Sex & money are the two biggest reasons for relationships to fail

Char22thom Sat 03-Jun-17 13:54:19

We do talk about it, quite a lot, but I'm tired and don't know what to say tbh, I just don't feel like sex, when I do I initiate it and its great, really great, but I just don't feel like it that often. He doesn't understand and I can't explain

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