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What to do with my life

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user1484755069 Wed 31-May-17 21:15:36

I don't intend to come over as ungrateful but I feel like the world is out to get me at the moment. I feel as if each aspect of my life has fallen and sitting at rock bottom.

I'm currently in the process of selling my apartment because I can't afford to live here anymore. I'm due to move out in the next few weeks. Although it's probably the wrong decision, I've sought out every other possibility in order to keep it but the decision has been made and it's sold. I kind of take this as a blessing as I won't longer be stuck in a cycle of working just to pay bills and at last gives me the chance to move out of this town.

Selling the apartment has kind of hit me hard though with what I do next with my life. I expected either of my parents (who are separated) to take me back for a short time while I get my life back on track, however the general mood I was getting that they didn't particularly want me; which is totally cool as people move on. This kind of leaves my boyfriend, who has happily said I can move in with his parents for a while, in the meantime we potentially look at a place together to rent. The trouble is I can't find myself staying with him and I can't find it in myself to finish things with him at the moment. He's my emotional rock and feels like my best friend at the moment, but we don't get intimate anymore and I've kind of lost feelings towards him that way. I know I should end things but I don't feel stable enough to do it, and I get so lonely living in my place for years that him coming along was a blessing.

Oh, and for the record I'm in a crappy paid job which, as I stated above, just about covers my bills leaving me with no car or much spending money to go out and enjoy. So I kind of feel broken and let down in all aspects of my life to be honest. I don't know where to start, all I know is I'm gonna be without my flat soon and most probably moving in with a guy I don't think I should be with. The feeling gets worse at times, especially when I see how successful my family are doing around me. Where on earth do I start?

category12 Wed 31-May-17 21:28:52

You would be an absolute fool to move in with him. I know you're feeling shit and hopeless, but you do have other options and moving in with him would be a massive mistake.

Instead, look at getting a room in a houseshare, starting again, making new friends. Get yourself to the GP and get some support with your low mood. Don't drift into something crap with someone because you're feeling defeated and low.

7Days Wed 31-May-17 21:30:46

Tgat sounds shit.
I think you should start with your parents. They might not particularly want you around cramping their style but they are your parents and I'm sure they didn't stop wanting the best for you the day you turned 18. Tell them the truth - you are not sure how your current relatiinship will pan out, and you'd rather be beholden to your mum or dad than some bloke who might be an ex by next month. Ask for a limited time and offer rent.
Spend the next few months looking for a different job, and weighing things up with your bf.
Will you make any money from the sale of your apartment? If so you can find somewhere else to live, alone if you wish, or retrain or say fuck this I'm trekking Cambodia

KeepCalm Wed 31-May-17 21:45:35

Can you upsticks and go travelling? Work your way round the world and just go....

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