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separation from husband

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muztee7777 Mon 29-May-17 21:37:35 looking for some advice please..two months ago my husband & i separated because he was emotionally,verbally & physically abusive to me..we have two babies aged 22 months & 7 months..ive tried the last couple of months to let him see the kids but he just comes to my house when it suits him usually every couple of weeks & he just uses that to give me shit basically about what i can & cant do,who i can & cant see,i cant take my kids to see my friend..he accuses me of sleeping with people in my street..ive tried to let him see the kids when it suits him but now its just a total break down & i dont know what to little girl used to miss him but now i think shes used to him coming & going..i dont want to go to womens aid as i dont want social services involved but im really struggling as what to do..he wants to pick the kids up every saturday & take them his mums where he is staying but she has 2 big vicious dogs & im not comfortable with that because his mum lets the dogs near the kids..i dont want nothing to do with him as he just dictates & tries to control me still,he says i play god with the kids but all ive ever done is try to let him still have a relationship with them.I hes a very nasty violent person & does anyone have any advice please..ive told him to go solicitors but he said that will take months..also his lifestyle at the moment is just drinking & partying i dont want my kids near that..any advice please?

Naicehamshop Mon 29-May-17 21:49:48

Don't really have any helpful advice, but I really feel for you - this sounds like an absolute nightmare.

Why are you so worried about contacting Women's Aid, though?- I would think that their main priority would be to support you against this awful, violent man. Don't turn down any help you can get. Good luck. flowers

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