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Nonpayment of school fees

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OhMy2017 Mon 29-May-17 06:16:08

Ex has never paid school fees. He can afford them. Should he then expect to be involved with what DC is doing at school and what is going on? Would a school refuse to give information based on the fact that one parent is refusing to pay?

What can be done about nonpayment? I am concerned that the legal system may not be of the view that DC should attend such a school. Do I just keep quiet and pay?

Completeguess Mon 29-May-17 06:32:43

It wouldn't make any difference to the school who pays the fees and as a parent he would have as much right as you to information regarding his children's progress etc,

As for who should pay, are you divorced? Is there a financial settlement? Does he want them in that school? Do you? Not enough information to go on sorry,

OhMy2017 Mon 29-May-17 06:39:10

Thank you Completeguess, it was a school that I suggested and kept him informed about and at no point did he challenge the choice. We do not have any such financial settlement.

se22mother Mon 29-May-17 06:42:58

Watching with interest as in 3 years xp has never contributed to school fees although he is very happy with the school

C0RAL Mon 29-May-17 07:42:18

AFAIK the courts tend to favour stability for the children. So if child attended that school while you were married, why don't you ask for an order to pay fees as part of the financial settlement ?

What does your solicitor say ?

Isetan Mon 29-May-17 08:12:03

We do not have any such financial settlement.

Start by getting one.

Zampa Mon 29-May-17 08:18:48

it was a school that I suggested and kept him informed about and at no point did he challenge the choice

IME there needs to be active consent in choice of school, i.e. a joint decision, to make both parents liable for school fees.

I second PPs advice on getting a financial order or at least trying meditation to resolve the situation.

With regards to your other questions, a school is obliged to consult with both parents and should be sending information to both. It's unlikely​ that a court would remove children from their current school but, depending on your children's ages, they may suggest a non fee paying school when moving up to secondary school.

Moanyoldcow Mon 29-May-17 09:00:28

I work for an independent school. Unless there is a court order to the contrary a school will share undue with anyone who has responsibility and cannot stop sharing with such a person solely at the other parent's request.

At our school, all parties with PR have to sign the admissions paperwork and agree to be jointly and severally responsible for paying fees.

I'm not sure how a court would view it but personally if you decided post-divorce to send a child to a fee-paying school and didn't consult or seek assistance with the fees they may (I suppose) take the decision that it was your choice alone.

At our school we often see disharmony when couples split and one doesn't want to contribute to fees. It can be very difficult to resolve.

OhMy2017 Mon 29-May-17 09:25:26

Thank you so much.

Moany would that disharmony stop you admitting a child to your school? Just asking as I'm imagining all situations on my head as I'm quite stressed. I want the best for DC and I know this school is suited.

Ellisandra Mon 29-May-17 09:38:52

Are you actually divorced and with a Consent Order.
If not, get on it and include school fees. As the children are already at the school, I certainly think it's possible that he'd be ordered to contribute. You need a solicitor though.

If that horse has bolted, then I'm afraid you need to just accept it.
On a much smaller financial scale for example, my XH gets to enjoy swimming pool based summer holidays having never paid a penny towards the hours of expensive swimming lessons that have enabled our child to safely be in a pool / water park / beach.

You certainly can't not share school info - that is not fair on the children.

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