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New friend

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givemethecake Sun 28-May-17 23:19:56

Recently met a new friend who has just had a baby. I'm about to have a baby and she has given me loads of bits and bobs that will come in handy for when he gets here.

I'm really grateful as I don't have many friends and although I don't know her very well, it seems like she's been there when I need her. We meet up quite a lot.

She has also just got engaged. I've sent a card saying congratulations/thank you for the baby things. But I was a just wandering if anyone had any ideas on a gift I could maybe give her to say thank you? I don't have loads of money but feel I should get her something. I have bought her baby an outfit.

Thanks for your help.

Sassypants82 Sun 28-May-17 23:43:45

A really thoughtful, inexpensive & nice gift for a newly engaged person, assuming they have an engagement ring, is a ring dish. Amazon have lovely ones, for less than 10 pounds. Best of luck with the baby!

Sassypants82 Sun 28-May-17 23:44:13

Moanyoldcow Sun 28-May-17 23:54:58

Personally my favourite gift is flowers. I love them - they make me so happy and you can pick up a nice bunch for a fiver.

givemethecake Sun 28-May-17 23:57:53

Thank you for your replies! I didn't think of something like a dish but that's a good idea. Thanks for the link!

Was also thinking of chocolates/flowers so glad someone agrees that it would be a nice gift.

dailydance Mon 29-May-17 00:05:28

How about a plant? It will last a lot longer than flowers and it can have some sentimental value as it's an engagement gift. Personally, I much prefer plants to cut flowers. Also better for the environment longer term smile

givemethecake Mon 29-May-17 00:26:54

@dailydance thank you - I really like your idea! Never thought of getting something like a plant, but you've said a very good reason to get one! smile

user1491572121 Mon 29-May-17 00:31:41

Oh yes plant or shrub which she can plant to remember her engagement.

blankface Mon 29-May-17 00:43:48

You've had some great suggestions grin

Off-topic, but do ask her if she'd like the bits and bobs returned when you've used them, some people automatically expect you to use and return, others are happy for you to pass on to other people. thing is, not many people make it clear at the time whether it's a gift or a loan and it can cause problems down the line.

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