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Mermaidinthesea123 Sat 27-May-17 08:34:59

I really feel I'm asexual, I don't fancy men or women. I'd still like a relationship though as I love hugs, want to share the rest of my life with somebody and enjoy family things with a partner but I don't want any sex or a conventional relationship.
Some asexuals will have sex but I'm not one of them although I have in the past obviously as I have a son.
I'm ok on my own but I really would like to find somebody like me.
I have a similar male friend who I really like but he doesn't want to actually live with anyone so we just get together for holidays and away days which is ok but I'd like something more permanent.
I've also had a great offer from a cousin whose husband is a lot older than her and not well, she doesn't want any more relationships and she suggested that when her husband dies we get a house together or split a house into two flats and live together. That way we'd have some support when we get old as well as companionship now.
We've always got on great and have had some really fun holidays together so it could work really well.
Is there anyone else like me out there and how do you make relationships work?

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