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Pregnant and confused

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DanaScully83 Tue 23-May-17 22:46:43

Hi everyone - the title says it all really. I'm pregnant and confused and looking for some advice (and possibly a kick up the butt it needed!)

I've been with my partner for 18 months. 6 months into the relationship his visa for the UK expired and so I came with him to the other side of the world to start a new life together. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and whilst it was unplanned he has been incredible and is so excited about the baby. He's been incredibly loving and supportive since I got here and some days I think I couldn't be happier.

BUT (you knew that was coming didn't you!). Last October (before I became pregnant) I found out that when we were back in the UK and had been dating for only about 2 months he slept with another woman whilst I was away. I was devastated when I found out - I'd given up my life in the UK for him and was so angry as I felt I'd done it under false pretenses. He was very apologetic and said he'd give me all the time I needed to work out what I wanted to do. I decided to stay until after Christmas............and then in January I found out I was pregnant.

I love him so much and really do think he's an amazing person. He treats me so well, has been incredible throughout the pregnancy and when I'm with him I couldn't be happier. But when we're apart (I travel a bit for work which involves a night or two away every few weeks) I start to have really bad thoughts and question whether I was an idiot to stay with him.

Sorry this is so long - just looking for some of your thoughts as I'm feeling lonely and confused by how someone who makes me so happy can also make me feel so sad.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 24-May-17 01:15:06

I think the two of you should have couples therapy to work out where the two of you stand.

Changedname3456 Wed 24-May-17 09:29:15

The cheating on you was a bit shit but two months into a relationship? He's not going to have known you all that well at that point, and certainly not felt the kind of commitment he does now.

If you've not seen any other signs of him cheating then perhaps you should try the counselling and see if you can work through it. Your emotions are going to be different ATM with the pregnancy and you may feel less anxious as more time passes in the relationship and once your hormones change again.

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