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Advice please

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yellownana Mon 22-May-17 11:44:13

Think I know what I need to do but wondering if I'm being over the top. Ive been married for 3 years and with him 5, also have a 2year old with him. He's the step dad to my older two children, the advice I need is whether or not to end the marriage. The first and main reason is he doesn't bother with my eldest son who is 15, doesn't talk to him or take an interest, this is really upsetting me and I find it really strange behaviour from a grown man, son doesn't seem bothered but has mentioned that SD doesn't speak to him( and I know son will be bothered deep down) Secondly I can't cope with his angry outbursts, he will majorly stress over the slightest issue, like not being able to find his tshirt for work! He knows he's hard to live with and apologises but sorry doesn't cut it any more. Thirdly I don't think I'm strong enough to say it's over and stick with it. Thanks for reading.

Adora10 Mon 22-May-17 12:19:44

Leave him, he's damaging your son every single day he ignores him and your son will end up with low self esteem if not already.

What a truly horrible person.

Only you can protect your son, he doesn't give a fuck.

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