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Not sure I love my husband anymore

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lokerini Fri 19-May-17 22:02:33

Hi All,
I would love some advice pls. I have been with him a bit over 7 years and married for 4. We have a 2yo dd and he has also a daughter from a previous relationship. His ex is a total nightmare to deal with and loves to make a big fuss about everything which has in the past caused issues between me and dh. We always had communication issues and he is an introvert and doesn't do much taking especially when having a discussion, and I think I am now done with all of this. I just feel miserable as we are so different and now that my feelings have changed it is just so hard to carry on. During the years I have tried repeatedly to take him to couple counselling with no success. I would like to talk to him about my feelings and he knows that but I am not sure how to talk to him and most of all what I want to get out from the conversation...

RidingRossPoldark Fri 19-May-17 22:17:13

When you're spending a lifetime with someone, I wonder whether there are phases, some possibly quite long where you're not that 'into' your other half. I see you've been married to an introvert for 7 years and have a child together. After the excitement of a new baby etc, this would be around the time that you'd settle into him drum, same old same old. Is this a factor? If you haven't felt this way for long and you're just a bit bored of your life with him, I would stick it out and see if you're feelings don't change-he's the same person you married ( you say he's always been like that). If the feelings persist and he doesn't want to change, you've only got one option really. Not an easy decision when you have a child to consider...I hope you find a way through this.

lokerini Sat 20-May-17 13:11:20

Thanks RidingRossPoldark, you're right, he is always been this way and I am the one who has changed and no longer happy...

FormerNymphet Sat 20-May-17 13:30:16

I think you should sit him down and talk to him maybe if he realised it was make or break he would go to counciling.
And if you can't even do that then you are in trouble.

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